Help on the angle my dart is hitting the board
Based on my own experiences I've found that the weight of the shaft and flight is the most contributing factor. I currently use ultra light and carbon stems with thin 75 micron standard flights. This setup is a lot lighted than thicker flights and standard nylon stems and a LOT lighter than aluminum. Hope this helps.
Shorter stems for sure, I use pear flights as i like my darts to lay flat so i can stack them, if i use an intermediate/medium stem they point like yours, short/extra short work great for me
I use short stems and fantail flights and they go on pretty straight.
I find with the fantails how the dart sits in the board it tells me lots in regards to if I'm allowing my wrist to take over causing side spin.

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Same issue here
My setup is short stem with standard flight and They fly a little bit better
But if I step back a bit from the oche They will land pefectly
You should try

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