Tornado Point Winner... THANK YOU!!
Love the points. Have them on several sets of darts
Thanks for the discount and congratulations on the award
Great gesture and great points Smile
[Image: JgVnja8.png]
Really kind and generous of you folks (and its the people who make the company) and your company to do this for the Nutz. Thanks for the opportunity. My wallet is going to gripe about it though - its a bit of a grumpy thing anyway-LOL!
[Image: bIcnxOK.png]
Wow thats awesome, thanks! I might have to pick some up now.  Big Grin

Currently Throwing: Harrows 22g Bristows
Currently Throwing At: Winmau Blade 5

Thank you all for the kind words!! We appreciate the support and please let us know at anytime if you have any questions about anything!!!

Thanks again Voks Darts. Much appreciated Smile.

[Image: 155022h.jpg]
[Image: uBd7OCT.png]
Nooo.. how can I missed this discount! Sad
Currently using:  Unicorn Gripper 23G
Best Dart Leg 2018:  14 Darts
180s goal 2018:  41 / 100

[Image: 27109455994_c22fa3b697_c.jpg]
(03-06-2017, 10:54 AM)Humdinger Wrote: Thanks again Voks Darts. Much appreciated Smile.

[Image: 155022h.jpg]

Anytime! Thank you for your support! Enjoy!!

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