Grandad died
Grandad died today at 80 . I was trying to take care for him while others where out working .It was tough work for all these last years .But apparently I did suck job
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I'm sorry for your loss Troll. I'm sure you did everything you could to take care for him, don't blame yourself for his loss. He lived for 80 years which is a bloody long life in my eyes.
Sorry to hear bout your loss Troll mate, it's never easy losing someone close to you
Unfortunately it's an inevitable part of life
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Ayup Troll

Don't blame yourself mate, Rip grandad.

Sorry your your loss is the one year anniversary of my own granda is tough to see people you love change, deteriorate and leave us...Keep the head up mate, I am more than 100% sure you done a great job looking after him

He had a long life and I'm sure it was made fuller having you in it...remember the good times and stay strong buddy Smile
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Sorry for your loss Troll, RIP Granddad.
Sorry for your loss Troll - as said above don't be hard on yourself, I'm sure you did everything you possibly could to make his last bit of time on this earth as good as could be
Sorry for your loss mate 
Remember all the good times you had with him
My condolences Troll. There's only so much you can do when they reach such a grand old age, so please don't blame yourself.
I'm very sorry for your loss Troll and you should be proud of the fact you looked after your Granddad.
May he rest in peace.
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Unfortunately, everything that ever lives will eventually die, some earlier than others. Like other's have already said, don't put the blame on yourself. It is a hard task caring for someone who is ill, and it gets even harder when they are old and ill. Living to age 80 is no small feat and I'm betting if it wasn't for your helping him out, he probably would not have made it that long.

Condolences to you and your family.
Sorry to hear that mate. I'm currently caring for my grandad, he's 84 with ever worsening dementia. It's terrible now and I can't imagine he will be here for much longer. I know how hard it is to do, and you have my respect for what you've done for him. Trust me, you didn't suck and just being there for him is good enough. Thoughts are with you my friend. Don't punish yourself, remember the good times.
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So sorry to hear, Troll.  Grandparents are special people and losing one of them is a tough thing for anyone.  Don't be hard on yourself, though.  I'm sure you did a fine job taking care of him and I'm sure he was glad to have you there.  My heart-felt sympathy goes out to you and your family.  May he rest in peace.
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Please accept my deepest condolences during this tough period Troll, and do get some rest when you can.
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Sorry for your loss pal.

RIP Trolls Grandad
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