DartsNutz JDC Challenge Thread
I didn 2 quick rounds of this and I did a tad better. Scored a 471. The doubles are my kryptonite.

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Alright, night number 3 and I had some lucky doubles to move up to 508!

Thank you for this challenge I'm having a blast and I really feel like I'm improving my game!
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Tried this 4 times yesterday evening and had lots of fun, scores where 599, 573, 591, 782
Thanks for this.

This is great! I really appreciate the score sheets. I can't believe how badly I am missing on the doubles. I have never done 'round the clock on doubles with only one dart on each. The switching is killing me. Obviously, this is an area I need some work. I have played 4 times scoring in the 500s each time. I will not post a score now as I don't feel I have made a decent attempt yet. I will be playing this more for sure.
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Thunk, thunk, thunk, walk, chalk, pull, turn, walk, turn, repeat...

First time I've really thrown at a Trebles Board for ages set myself a target to beat of 787


Somewhere to start anyway nice challenge.
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I finally broke the 500 mark! And I got my first Shanghai! 511    

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968!! Missed a single 15 to break 1000!!!
Improve to 736
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This challenge sounds good to me. I'll look at it tomorrow.
New best!


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