DartsNutz JDC Challenge Thread
A quite pleased with. . . 740
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we all hate you now crush, LOL
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(02-14-2017, 10:48 PM)Shotgun Wrote: we all hate you now crush, LOL

Lol i got on a lucky run i'm sure some people will go higher
I got a 1084

Thought I had 50 more but after reading closer... it's 100 for bull, not 50 plus 100...

[Image: 20170214_165418_zpszd0s4h1k.jpg]

Side note: Did it 3 more times and got a 834, 905 and a 979

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My new favorite routine. 607

20 22 48 13 56 60. 219

100 50 50 50. 250

30 32 17 19 40 138
Gave it another go.

Got 676

40 44 24 13 14 45
50 0 0 50 0 50 100
45 32 17 54 38 60
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Winmau - Andy Fordham SE
Fun challenge ... 702 so far
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Board: Winmau Blade 5
Darts : One80 Bavaria SG 21g
Stems: Short Deflectagrip
Flights: Ribtex Standard
414 for my first try.  I will try to beat it tomorrow
2019 180s: 19/50
2019 Best leg: 16
2019 Highest finish: 145

2017/18 180s: 17 / 32
2017/18 Best leg: 17 / 14
2017/18 Highest finish: 152 / 152

This is a great challenge... and clearly I had a bag of horseshoes up my rear end yesterday.

Tried it again this morning a couple times and didn't crack 800 once... In fact... on my first try this morning I didn't hit any doubles....... not even very close to be honest....
That being said... I did warm up for a half hour specifically for this yesterday before trying.

I would love to see what kind of number Shanesaw would put up on this... or Leaky... wake up Leaky!!!

[Image: 28700172273_696ce155a8_t.jpg]
not tried again yet but I think its a good challenge, some good score here already Smile
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608 first try, loads of room for improvement mainly on the trebles.
431 on my first go. Can only go up from here! (I hope)

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Don't have a clue how, but I've just scored 782, including my 2nd ever 171. I'm well chuffed Big Grin

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