Has anyone converted steel tip darts into soft tip darts?
Good afternoon to everyone,

As I sit here browsing the online dart shops, I have once again noticed the Target Titanium Pro Conversion Points and am very tempted in buying a set or two. The only problem is that I don’t currently own any soft tip darts and every set of soft tip darts that I’ve seen are either too light (I like my darts 21g-23g), too short (I like my darts around 48mm long) or too thin (I like my darts around 6.3mm).

Has anyone had a set of steel tip darts that they have converted into soft tips?
If so, please provide pictures Tongue

I am tempted to trying a set of soft tip darts as when I play steel tip I am constantly worried about my points being different lengths and worried about my points being pulled out by the board (had it happen before).

Are the conversion points thicker than steel tip points and will the conversion points leave big holes in my board like the Target Pure darts do?

Thanks Smile
Hands down the Target Titanium Conversion points get my vote for product of the decade ,,,, they are that good !!!!

That being said I will tell you why I like them that much,,,, Worried about holes in you new dart board??,,,,Don't,,,,, IMHO The Target Titanium smooth conversion point Sticks better than any other smooth Steel point other than the new Voks Tornado points,,,, even better than the Target Storm points ,,,,, the reason why is they are just a bit thicker ,,, but the main reason is the point profile ,, and the rounded points are actually better than most stock steel points because I have seen them come hypodermic sharp ,, and when they enter a sisal board they can actually tear the sisal,,,,,

Reason 2 ,, they come in 2 sizes and 2 styles and 3 colors ,,, Need more ,,,?

More and more dart manufacturers are making heavy soft tips ,,, check out the Winmau Navigator line ,, up to 25g soft tip all up ,, so the barrel has to be at least 23g ,,, I personally own a set of 22g Unicorn Phase 5 LP Soft tips and the barrels weigh over 20g,,, Smile Also the movable point steel tip darts like Harrows Power Point ,,Black Widow by Laser Darts ,,, the Ross Montgomery 26 gram darts ,,, all have 2ba holes that a soft tip will fit,,,they are many options out there when you look,,,Smile
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Thank you very much! Really appreciate it Smile
Guy in my one league tapped his own darts so he could use conversion points so he wouldn't need 2 sets of darts, i ordered him a bunch of target points, he does fine with them i tried one set for myself to there just like normal points, like Old said the point might be a hair bigger but my board was fine
I had a couple of sets drilled and tapped back when I wanted to convert a few sets to hammerheads. Some things to consider:
The front profile might be significantly altered. Really depends on the starting profile and how much has to be removed to make a match with the base of the conversion points.
Conversion points too have different profiles at the base.
At the time I liked the grip/profile of a front loaded dart, but not the front weight so much. Drilling out tungsten to put in a lighter weight conversion point was a win-win for me, I had the profile but not nose heavy.
And I'll second the votes for the Target Ti points, for all the reasons Oldjoblo stated.
Shot! darts have some heavier soft-tip barrels:

Also, Voks Fulcrum barrels can accept conversion points:
(don't forget the Voks discount code)
(02-09-2017, 12:01 AM)O C Wrote: Conversion points too have different profiles at the base.

Agree !00 percent,,,, Check out this Link,,,, conversion points for more info ,,,,, 

I have bought a ton of dart sets looking for matches,, darts that match my size and weight and grip and balance preferences ,,, and darts that Target Titanium conversion points fit seamlessly ,,,,,, I have rejected many sets because when I slide my finger over the joint if it feels sharp then it would always be a soft tip ,,, you see every point soft or steel fits every different dart different ,, and if you finger is anywhere close to the edge where the point meets the barrel,,, then the fit is crucial ,, at least in my case ,,,I have found another titanium point I do like other than the Target Brand ,,, the only reason is when it has just a bit smaller flange and it fits when the Target point has a tiny bit of hangover,,,, it is the Fit Point Titanium conversion point at 2x the cost of the Target Brand,,,, Smile
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Thank you all for your help! You're all awesome Smile
Just a quick question, what is the weight limit (barrel + point and/or full set up) in the USA and Asia for soft tip darts? Thanks Smile
I think that differs a lot.

The WSDA: Each dart shall not exceed 25 grams in total weight.
The NDA: The current weight standard is 20 grams. (Local standards may vary for league and tournaments.)
[Image: signaufasta.jpg]
Thanks for the help Shotgun. I was just asking in case I ever found myself playing on a soft tip board (not likely in England) haha
(02-09-2017, 09:37 PM)Shotgun Wrote: I think that differs a lot.

The WSDA: Each dart shall not exceed 25 grams in total weight.
The NDA: The current weight standard is 20 grams. (Local standards may vary for league and tournaments.)

With online leagues growing and becoming more popular the weight of the dart can not be checked ,,,,, :Smile I was told by my local dart coordinator that I could throw anything I want here in the USA,,,,, the only time the weight of the darts would be an issue would be if I were to go to Vegas and play Under the NDA guidelines as Shotgun stated above,,,Smile
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Thanks very much for your advice Oldjoblo. I'm probably answering my own question here but the 20g limit for NDA is the whole set up (point, barrel, stem and flight) right? Cheers

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