How to find your perfect darts?
Some nice advices there Big Grin
Very helpful.  Thanks.
This will be useful, thanks!
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Thanks for nice post
Super dart.
New set of stems and your flying.

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Good info, thanks!
Good tips! Thanks for shearing.
Very nice post! I started with two sets of straight barrels. But your points are spot on.
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Fantastic advice! Really good for beginners.

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Good advice, indeed.
I have been throwing darts ca. one year, but haven't  found the right darts yet... sigh Confused
I have three sets of straight barrel darts and three sets of bullets with weights from 20-23 g. At the moment the first darts I bought year ago (20g, straight barrel) seem to work best... but who knows the situation tomorrow Huh
Frustrating hobby darts is...

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