How to find your perfect darts?
+1 on the insightful post
+1 for the insightful post
I just got my first set of tungsten darts at 24g and its been hard to get used to but definitely an improvement.  Looking forward to using this advice!
A nice helpful tip. I like the idea of starting simple, as there is allot of new grips and shapes coming out all the time.
Really nice Post and Idea to help Beginners. I wish i read this befor spending 60 € in my first Set.
Hello folks. I am a daily player and have bought more sets of Darts than one.
Anyway I like Harrows for Flights and Stems their Clics. Which are super, keep their integrity and lasted me so far 2 months. I hour s day.
I would really appreciate your advice on the whole new movement of Pro Player's to Target.
What are their darts and their equipment in general. I want as much information as possible if I am going to buy anything new.
Thank you.

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For bomb style would give a shoutout to the below

Picked them up this morning. Obviously handy to be able to pickup from a local store and the price was pretty good, ignoring all the extras it comes with. General consensus I found on this forum and online was they were a solid dart. So maybe a decent shout for other beginners like me looking to experiment and working through different styles and types before settling

Thanks to OP. This coupled with another thread made me go buy the above to try a different style, and my immediate feelings on throwing those Andy Fordhams was "omfg, should I have been throwing bomb from day one".
Nice post with sound advice.
Thanks for the post, Good advice on where to start.  For one, going to a shop and throwing them is way better and way cheaper then buying online.  

As far as the grip goes, are you just using what is comfortable and natural?  I do have some stray darts but the grip seems solid to me.  I do see your point of getting your grip down first.  Sorry if this question fits better in a different post.

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