How to find your perfect darts?
(12-03-2017, 03:32 PM)RedTurboMr2 Wrote: Great post, i'm still trying to find the right dart for me.

I am on the same boat not easy to find Rolleyes
They were given to me
Great Post!!! Thx
Great tips, good read thanks.
Great post enjoyed there's no joy in keep swapping
Good post.
great post, I've been throwing bomb style (Harrows Bomber 25g purchased here in Canada and Harrows Boxer 24g Purchased in the fall on my last trip to the UK) and I have ordered a set of John Lowe 23g but made the mistake of picking up my old darts from almost 20 years ago last week (straight barrel 28g) and threw quite well with them. Switched back to my 24g darts and I'm throwing even better than before the switch. I think switching refined my grip in some way or it was just dumb luck LOL

Just now anxiously waiting for those Lowe's to arrive in the post!!


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Very Helpful read. Thank You for all your work in putting this together.
Really nice post. Thank you for posting.
Well deserved +1
that was a nice post, a lot of thought and time involved in helping direct newbies. a rating bump from me. good work.
Top post!
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Nice interesting post
Need 5 posts   Dodgy
"Ring grip is a good start for new players as it is a medium grip. A straight barrel nearly suits all grip styles"

That's why I ordered the Winmau Vendetta 22 g darts; straight barrel and ring grip (they should arrive this week). I already have a set of 22g darts but with knurled grip and they are not grippy enough.
great post this is going to help me alot

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