Gary Anderson WC Phase 3 23grams
Ordered some GA WC P3 23Grams last week from Total-darts and recieved them just a few minutes ago.

A short review about these darts:

What's in the box? :o

[Image: s4atqq.jpg]

3 Gary flights
3 Metal Stems
1 Label with the weight of the darts
1 Leatherish case 
And ofcourse, the darts from the man himself! 23 grams version.

[Image: 1zqsm15.jpg]

Look at those handsome darts Tongue

[Image: 11bl0nm.jpg]


I really like straight barrel darts, so I compared them with:

Adrian Lewis G3 23 Grams
Phil Taylor Purist Phase 2 24 grams. (yeah, they are beaten up hehe)

As you can see, the G.Anderson dart is just a bit shorter than the Purists, but a bit longer than the Lewis G3

[Image: t05k79.jpg]

Weight barrel only:

[Image: 2a9wqq8.jpg]
[Image: 2199m5z.jpg][Image: 34phz0x.jpg]


It's a grippy dart, compared to the G3 it's a lót grippier. Compared to the Purist it's a milder version of this grip. I give it a 4/4,5 out of 5. 


A steal for 25 pounds (30 for international shipping). Grippy, fly great, just can't go wrong with these one Smile

[Image: 55hy4n.jpg]
180 '14 - 21  Cool
180 '15 - 14 
180 '16 - 5  
180 '17 - 11
[Image: 10-facebook-like-thumbs-up-png-free-clip...lipart.png]
may all the doubles be with you

Thumbs up.

I own a set of these in 25g, without the blue ring. It's a really nice dart. Normally i prefer under 50, but these work perfect...
The Taylors i have in my mind for a long time... Is the flight behavior similar compared with the andos?

[Image: aviary-image-1546527737695-02.jpg]
Really great find, that site has some nice deals on unicorn stuff. Great review!
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Super review and nice comparison to other similar darts. You got them for a nice price too, good find!
[Image: PelXyih.png]
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Great review,  I do love the Ando`s but don't get on with them all the time,  (but I still ended up buying the WC`s, PL`s and the DNA !!!)
Match DartsUnicorn Gary Anderson WC, 25g

"Hopefully I`ll get to throw 3 in Heaven before the Devil finds out I`m dead" !

[Image: S2xtmfG.png]
Thanks for the review and the tip!

I ordered a set of these myself yesterday  Big Grin
[Image: 4912264.png]
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Thanks for the review, great looking set of darts.
Got a set of these myself this week for my birthday and they're already my new favourite darts.
having ordered the 25g set from total darts and had a 21g set from Titan ive ordered a 23g set this morning, hopefully be here monday!

great review Smile

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