Angle that dart enters board ??
Another possible issue that I figured out was where you are standing on the oche. If you are to far one way or the other your natural throw will compensate for being "off line" in regards to your target. You arm or wrist will move subconsciously to get the dart where you want it, thus causing the wobble. The larger flights would stabilize the dart better than the smaller ones and make it less noticeable. It doesn't take much either. Give it a try, maybe help you outSmile
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(01-31-2017, 06:04 PM)BruT Wrote: Thanks everyone - I do think its probably related to my grip or release, at least partially.
The same thing happened with standard flights, although then it would lean up & to the right, like towards 1:30.

Sometimes it just 'feels different' as the dart leaves my hand, & I know immediately that it's going to lean to the right.


I get darts pointing left-to-right and it's usually because I catch it on release (I'm a lefty so I catch the dart on the left).  Like you I know what it doing to happen as soon as the dart leaves my hand.

It usually happens more for me towards the end of a long session, when my fingers don't release as "crisply" as they should.

< It usually happens more for me towards the end of a long session, when my fingers don't release as "crisply" as they should.>

Same here -- my middle finger can drag down the side of the dart.  Standard flights do a better job of correcting that, than smaller flights do.  Usually I'm gripping too tight when that happens, which can creep up on me in the middle of a match.
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