Red Dragon budget darts
They look like great darts!
Nice review, just ordered the hellfire and javelins.
I love Red Dragon, got a few sets
great quality, great prices Smile

the clearance section is worth checking regularly, every now & again they have serious bargains in there, but the good stuff doesn’t hang around 
(one of my own ‘go to’ daily sets are Shockwave 4’s, don’t remember exactly how much, but think they were around 14 quid just)
I seem to have quite a few Red Dragon darts. I have a set of Javelin 24grams on the way to me now. Already have the 20s and 22s but I'm giving the 22s to  a friend to get him sucked into darts.

I'm not sure why I love the Javelins though. The grip is just perfect but I'm very inconsistent with them.

My first serious dart (Tungsten dart) was a Red Dragon Pegasus. I use it more since I removed the paint.

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