RD Firestone II Wallet mini review
Excellent review. That sure is a very practical case with LOADS of storage! Doesn't look to be overly bulky either which is good. Thanks for the info Smile
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Awesome review thanks for that! I'm just waiting for mine to arrive in the mail any day now Smile
Nice ,,,Smile +1
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Great review,  I bought the Snakebite version, +1
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Anyone else think it's a bit tight for the fully assembled dart section? Squashing the flights I mean?
(02-16-2017, 03:37 AM)moorey Wrote: Anyone else think it's a bit tight for the fully assembled dart section? Squashing the flights I mean?

I only have this when I put the flights in with a fin straight up and down. If I place them like in the picture a standard set of Cosmo's fit fine for me.
I've recently bought one of these cases too, great piece of kit and keeps everything nice and neat. The amount it can hold also means I dont have random flights and stems jsut clogging up a draw at home
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nice review

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