RD Firestone II Wallet mini review
Just a quick little review about the new Firestone II wallet from Red Dragon.

From the outside it looks very decent and well made. The Zippers appear to be of high quality, the faux leather feels very nice too and the rest of the fabric is all very solid. The case measures 18X11X5 cm.
[Image: A9d3GTs.jpg]

[Image: P3Lt0hs.jpg]
[Image: lzNRmfm.jpg]

It consists of 2 main compartments behind each zipper. Let's check out the first one:
The first compartment has 2 "pages"
[Image: PDqpZfm.jpg?1]

The first page can hold 2 sets of darts with stems attached and has 6 little pockets to hold flights or something similarly sized (like a sharpening stone). One thing I noticed is while putting the darts in I pushed the point right through the fabric at the bottom 2 times, It would probably have been better to use a slightly stronger material here instead of the material they used for the rest of the case.

[Image: eUxX5nR.jpg]
The second page of the first main compartment  has 2 extra little pockets, a big slide in pocket and behind that an even bigger one with a zipper. It also has room for 4 sets of stems but those could theoretically be used to hold an extra set of darts if needed (as shown above).

Now for the second main compartment:

[Image: BtsePNz.jpg]

This one can hold a fully assembled set of darts with a maximum total length of about 17cm (including points). It also had a very big slide in pocket and a slightly smaller one with a zipper behind.

Apart from the points pushing through the fabric I have not seen a single thing wrong with the case. It is huge and can hold enough backup stems and flights + accessories to keep playing darts for years without refilling stock Big Grin Considering how much it can hold it still is quite compact and easy to carry.
Well done on the review Joeri, +1. :thumbup:

Good looking case with lots of room for bits & bobs, good stuff. Smile
Looks like a nice little case
Looks good if I needed a case I might get this one
Thanks for the review, I was thinking of buying this anyway and your review has made my mind up for me!
Very Nice- Thank you and + 1
Thanks for the review. If I would need a larger wallet this might be on the list.

But I am happy with my dartwrap.
[Image: NSnrkBi.png]

Winmau - Andy Fordham SE
Nice review Joeri, looks a good wallet too, have a +1 Smile
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My dart skills don't deserve a case like this (yet)! Looks good though
I used to play darts with my Gran, and now I'm here. 
Cheers guys, glad to be of help Smile Was thinking about getting the Snakebite one at first because of the pretty colours but not the biggest PW fan so decided not to.
Excellent review. That sure is a very practical case with LOADS of storage! Doesn't look to be overly bulky either which is good. Thanks for the info Smile
[Image: PelXyih.png]
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Awesome review thanks for that! I'm just waiting for mine to arrive in the mail any day now Smile
Nice ,,,Smile +1
[Image: w3A1Oz5.gif]
Great review,  I bought the Snakebite version, +1
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[Image: S2xtmfG.png]
Anyone else think it's a bit tight for the fully assembled dart section? Squashing the flights I mean?

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