searching for a darts shop ,,may be defunct
approx . years 1998 onwards i discovered a darts shop when starting to buy on the internet ,it was in the south of England and it was an actual farm ,and i,m asking if anyone can remember the name it sounded like hombeach farm,the proprietor sent out crudely printed various flyers catalogues ,of his entire stock ,,flights darts stems etc,,i bought a lot from ,him i used to order over the phone,then one day when i called   nothing,,been trying to find it ever since,,.
Do you still have any of the flyers? Might help track them down. I'd love to see one in any case.
I've heard of a farmer playing darts (ie Scott Mitchell), but never heard of a farm selling darts gear before - definitely curious if you ever find out the info
Wasn't trulon darts was it?

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