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[Image: srhZsTd.jpg]
22g Pentathlon NV02, 23g Unicorn T90, 24g Target Darryl Fitton
Just incredible fellow nutz....

I have now collected three straights barrels.   . . I can’t identify the phases or release times , however, I happily took a photo of the three, very similar straight ringed barrels for a favourite are the rob cross
[Image: 9CJAZeA.jpg]
Here is a side by side comparison of the Gary Anderson Phase 3 and Danny Noppert Winmau barrels. 
Danny used the Anderson’s before he had a deal of his own. 
[Image: qXWgWzW.jpg]
[Image: 84EIGh2.jpg]
I’ve thrown both and the Noppie’s were my match dart for a long time, the grip isn’t the same at all. The Noppie’s aren’t sharp like the Ando’s. Both are really nicel darts but the ring cuts are miles apart.
here is my comparison, gonna add the identification in the next days. enjoy Cool

First Image:
1. Harrows Magnum 23g modified grip
2. Harrows Magnum 21g modified nose
3. Harrows Magnum 23g new style
4. Harrows Magnum 21g
5. Harrows Magnum 23g
6. Harrows Magnum 25g
7. China Magnum 23g
8. Harrows Magnum 23g new style
9. Harrows Atlantis 23g
10. RedDragon Thornton 22g new style blue paint removed
11. RedDragon Thornton 22g old style blue paint removed
12. Eric Bristow knurled 22g
13. NoName knurled 22g
14. Unicorn Core Striker 22g
15. NoName knurled 20g
16. One80 Huybrechts 24g
17. One80 Huybrechts 22g modified
18. unknown
19. unknown
20. unknown
21. Rocket Ronny facetted 24g
22. Rocket Ronny facetted 22g
23. Penthalon facetted 22g.

Second Image:
1. Target Bunting gen2 12g
2. Target Bunting gen1 17g
3. Winmau Hankey 14g
4. Winmau Hankey 21g
5. Datadart smooth 22g
6. Unicorn Jenkins 22g
7. V180 Pieman Smith 20g modified
8. Winmau King 22g
9. Target Ariane 20g
10. Target Norris 22g
11. Target Mardle 22g
12. Winmau Zagato 22g
13. unkown
14. Harrows Pinz 21g
15. DPC 24g
16. unkown
17. Unicorn Newton 22g
18. unkown
19. Unicorn ?
20. RedDragon Dragonfly 20g
21. Harrows ICE 22g
22. Dartsclearance 22g
23. RedDragon Bates 22g
24. One80 Strike 22g
25. Winmau Webster 22g
26. unkown

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and the next ones...

First Image:

1. Custommade 24g
2. Custommade 22g
3. unkown
4. Target Tayler 9zero 22g
5. Target Taylor 22g
6. Unicorn Taylor Phase1 22g
7. Unicorn Taylor Phase2 24g
8. Target Taylor 8zero 22g
9. RedDragon Atkins 24g
10. Bulls Mamba97 24g
11. RedDragon Double16 22g
12. Target Capricorn 22g
13. unkown
14. unkown
15. Target Bennett 20g
16. Unicorn Anderson Phase3 21g
17. Mission 20g
18. Custommade

Second Image:
1. WINMAU Kist 22g
2. Target
3. Target Cross Pixel 22g
4. Dartsclearance 22g
5. Winmau Stratos 22g
6. Wilson 22g
7. Munch 22g
8. Designa 22g
9. Cosmo?
10. RedDragon Wright 22g
11. Winmau 22g
12. Winmau 24g
13. Unicorn RvB 22g
14. Unicorn RvB 25g
15. Target RVB 22g
16. MvG 23g
17. McKicks Mighty 22g
18. XQmax MvG 23g
19. XQmax MvG 21g
20. MasterDarts MVG 23g
21. XQmax MvG 23g modified
22. Unicorn 22g
23. unkown
24. Dartscorner 20g
25. Unkown
26. RedDragon Maniacs 22g
27. Target Swiss 22g
28. Target 20g
29. Penthlon 22g

Third Image:
1. Dreamboy Anderson 24g
2. Unicorn Anderson Phase1 22g
3. Unicorn Anderson Phase2 22g
4. Unicorn Anderson Phase 3 22g
5. Unicorn Anderson Phase 3 22g
6. Unicorn Smith 22g
7. Unicorn Smith Phase2 24g
8. Unicorn Lewis 20g
9. Unicorn Lewis 22g
10. Target Lewis Phase1 22g
11. Target Lewis Phase3 22g
12. Target Lewis Pixel 22g
13. Target Jaws 22g
14. unkown
15. unkown
15. RedDragon 24g
16. Unicorn Wade 20g
17. Unicorn Wade 22g
18. Dartsclearance 20g
19 Unicorn Part 20g
20. unkown
21. Dartcorner 22g
22. Unicorn White 22g
23. unkown
24. Target Evens 22g
25. Target Chisnall 22g
26. Target Chisnall Pixel 22g
27. One80 Unterbuchner 22g
28. Target Bullet/Bunting 22g

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WOW , what a collection
Nice collection indeed! Cool .I spot a few sets i would love to own
(04-05-2020, 05:50 PM)Batti Wrote: and the next ones...

Beautiful collection.  In this post, what is the last dart on the right in the first picture?  Looks thin and squarish.
(04-06-2020, 03:40 AM)Zero Wrote:
(04-05-2020, 05:50 PM)Batti Wrote: and the next ones...

Beautiful collection.  In this post, what is the last dart on the right in the first picture?  Looks thin and squarish.

these are my latest customs. wonderfull set of darts!

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