Gladiator 2 dartboard review

I have been itching to get this dartboard reviewed for some time now and finally done it!

One80 have spent a lot of time, effort and no doubt money into producing what I believe is the best board out on the market today. I admit there is a few boards I still have yet to try but I have tried numerous Blade boards up to the Blade 4, Bulls Advantage 2, Unicorn Eclipse and Unicorn HD so I can only compare it to those boards so far. The board retails for £36.99 which mean seem a little more expensive than some but I think its good value when it is so good and lasts so well.

Ok lets start at the beginning, the box. One80 seems to have a warrior type theme running through its range with the Sword Edge darts and Gladiator board which is reflected in the nice artwork on the box:

[Image: g2boxpic1_zps23bf5032.jpg]

The back of the box has a handy diagram explaining the dimensions for setting up your board and a little graphic to explain the board itself:

[Image: g2boxpic2_zps0a786481.jpg]

[Image: g2boxpic3_zps6046bbfb.jpg]

There is also details on the common games played:

[Image: g2boxpic4_zps8d28a8b7.jpg]

Supplied with the board is the usual wall bracket and stoppers for the back of the board, along with an extra threaded bolt:

[Image: g2contents_zps96a388b1.jpg]

The bolt is used for a very handy feature built into the back of the board, a pre-drilled and threaded hole so you can screw the bolt in for perfect centre alignment:

[Image: g2fixingthread_zps01aa6bf8.jpg]

The board itself has very deep colours and looks great:

[Image: g2boardpic1_zpseb717cd0.jpg]

I have had a prototype version of the G2 for almost 6 months now and have loved using it. The prototype had a white painted number ring and the retail version is a grey chrome style. This was to reduce glare from lighting. I guess the good thing about not having a white painted spider or number ring is that you wont have that ugly look when the paint is chipped and flaking.

Some shots of the board:

[Image: g2boardpic3_zps9aa303b5.jpg]

[Image: g2boardpic2_zps4c3f1bd3.jpg]

[Image: g2boardpic4_zps2536c9d3.jpg]

[Image: g2boardpic5_zps46d99e7e.jpg]

[Image: g2boardpic7_zps6b2ea11d.jpg]

[Image: g2boardpic8_zps06a41597.jpg]

[Image: g2boardpic91_zps716459a8.jpg]

The number ring bracket:

[Image: g2boardpic6_zps528721f9.jpg]

The steel band round the board is nice and neat, not sure if its nailed or glued in, maybe both:

[Image: g2steelbandpic1_zps5bc7d8ca.jpg]

[Image: g2steelbandpic2_zps56f11997.jpg]

I found the surface of the board to be very uniformally flat (which it should be) but by that I mean I saw no defects in the sisal such as little bumps or holes or ridges which I have noticed on other boards. The board is using a high grade Kenyan sisal and it seems to have been cut perfectly flat. The spider is great on this board. The Blade 4 had a great spider and this board matches that easily. It is fixed to the backboard so should have no chance of raising up like I had with my Unicorn HD. The wires are One80's new Sword Edge wires and are very thin.

The thin wires have resulted in a bigger scoring area on the treble segments than the Blade 4 and Unicorn HD, which were 8.8 and 8.9 mm, the G2 is 9.4mm:

[Image: g2treblesize1_zps2bdeace9.jpg]

[Image: g2treblesize2_zps41678cfd.jpg]

One problem I noticed with the prototype was that the spider was off centre and so was the bullseye, in the video I check this and it is near as perfect as possible, so strict quality control has taken place to make sure the retail boards are perfect. Also I noticed that the spider seems a little more flush to the surface on the retail G2 which is a good thing.

[Image: g2boardpic9_zpse4dc7307.jpg]

[Image: g2bullsize_zps3874b608.jpg]

[Image: g2semibullsize_zps788fa8a8.jpg]

I think before getting the G2 prototype my favourite board was the Blade 4, but I noticed that after a few weeks I had black spots on the white segments and the sisal was not wearing as well as I had hoped. I think the black spots may have been from the ink on the black segments but it looked a bit unsightly. The prototype I have had in use about 35 to 45 mins a day for nearly 6 months and still looks awesome as you can see below:

[Image: g2retailandptype_zps3895753a.jpg]

The sisal seems very good quality and hard wearing but the board was not so hard that I had any bounceouts. My Bulls 2 lasted well for 2 years but the spider was popping out after the first year and the first couple of months I found the board a little too hard. The G2 seems to have the balance just right, at least for me anyway.

I cant really see anything to complain about with the G2 unless you think having bigger trebles is a cop out, for me I want all the help I can get LOL!

Everything about this board has been well thought out and tested to the Nth degree, and the feedback given from the people who had prototypes has been acted upon which is why the release date was changed so many times to make sure it was just right.

One80 have succeeded in that respect and this board certainly deserves 10 out of 10!

My video review above is 25 mins long and took nearly 6 hours to upload to Youtube, I hope you enjoy it!Wink
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Another top notch review grip. I really like the vivid colouring of this board. If this was out when I had gotten my blade 4 I think it would have been a tough choice.
Great review as ever Darren
Had mine up for a while now and still enjoying it - I certainly prefer it to the Blade 4's I've had - good review Darren
Good review Gripo and great shots of your bald head lol
Think you just sold me on the G II over the B IV.
The treble and double scoring area is quite extreme over the different board I would have thought that they would all be standard.
MATCH DARTS: 26g Robbo's
Thanks guys, LOL@G you liked me baldy heid eh, lol I should have have drew some hair on with a marker pen first.

I still have the Gold prototype board too but no idea if or when that will be going to retail. The G2 really is a good board though and well worth the money.
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Great review Grip!!!

These boards were used to great effect during the MGM Masters Tournament in Derby on 31st August.

Lots of praise & no complaints!!!

Also, there is £7.00GBP discount on the Gladiator 2 until 31st January 2014 using discount code 'DNG2' in the coupon code box on

Many thanks
Excellent review Darren.

I like the pre-drilled hole on the back. The colours on the board like good too.
i like the fixing on the back too , hope it holds up well , my past two winmau boards the screw hole has crumbled away and both have fell of the wall . my current one i widened the hole and had to superglue a rawlplug in
[Image: drUF6Pb.png]
Great review Darren! I want one - now if I can just get some free shipping to the US- Mike! Lol
Lol - we could always get you to set up shop over there!!!
Thanks guys, I am not just saying it when I say this board is good, it really is good. You only need look at the effort One80 have made to get the board right, they took their time with it and were not prepared to put it to retail until it was spot on. At £36.99 (less with Mikes discount) and looking at its potential longevity it has to be great value for money too.

Great discount from Mike too, thanks Mike!
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(09-01-2013, 09:50 PM)Infiniti Darts Wrote: Lol - we could always get you to set up shop over there!!!

I would love to!
Its just a shame no one can mention Infiniti Darts on Darts Corners forum. Looks like they have elected not to sell it & people want to buy it.

What parasitic marketing can we do???
Its because the forum is owned by the shop so you cant mention other places that sell darts on there.
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