Elevendarter’s excel spreadsheets for your practice routines
(07-01-2019, 04:58 PM)elevendarter Wrote: What do you mean by the T16 pattern? I only aim at T16 when I am on 64 .-)

I merged all my post, sorry for flooding your thread.


Oh we’ll, mostly the 16 segment but look at starting At 64, but this way really has you working the 12 and 16 segments

You have 24, 32, 40, 48 , 56 , 64, 72 , 80 , 88 ,90
24 -d12
For 32 -d16, 
48 -16 d16 
56 16 d20

64 T16 d8

72 T16 d12

80 T16 d16

88 T16 D20

And 90 - T18 D16

4 of you’re warm up checkouts Have a t16 for a two dart checkout.

I figured that was a recurring thing on purpose as there was a 16 in every one. I guess you can do whatever way works best for you

Lol screw the t16 then? Lol i spent all night working them checkouts wih only 16 hahahahaha

Well then, I find the t16 very hard.

But it’s good to practice anyway,

I guess there is more than one option to check out those number obviously. I just saw a pattern with 16 and stuck with iT...

I guess any even number you can just rotate it with the doubles three and triples once .(staying on an even)

Lol I’m not a math whiz by any means, just trying to find a method to the madness . T18 d9 for 72 would work also and I like t18 much more and d9 works for me

Look at this, kinda works, up or down a triple “even” number and then your checkout is +/- 3 for your double checkout

64 - T16 +D8 = 64
64 - T14 + D11=64
64 T18 + D5 =64

Im like freakin picasso lol I got a lot to learn and practice

Ohh ma gawddd 18 is way easier for me then 16# LOL
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Yeah, I forgot about 72. I do play 48, 24. On the other hand I don't play T16 on 80 and 88 because if you miss a and hit only single 16, you end up on 64 or 72 respectively and you don't have an easy out then. If you went for T20 and only hit the single 20, you still can prepare an out without need of hitting treble or double with your second dart.

My main goal was to make a quick routine. The numbers aren't that important. Actually, at first I chose different numbers, however when I was thinking more about it I chose these multiples 8 because these are numbers that I require very often as I prefer finishing on D16 or D20 in most cases. I mean, whichever score I am between 200 and 100, its likely that during the finishing route at some point I end up on these numbers anyway. ANd I believe most of us would.

BTW, if you want, you can simply unprotect the sheet and rewrite those scores as you wish. Thing is though, that there is some formating and other things that wouldn't make much sense then. And what is more, I wanted to make it kind of easy, so that it wouldn't take much time to go through. If I chose some other numbers - like scores between 60 and 100, that would be a good routine too, it wouldn't be that quick though.
I've just (hopefully) finished my latest version of the Checkouts spreadsheet. It's probably the best and most useful excel I've ever made and definitelly the maddest one. Actually, the game is still the same like it was in the previous version, however I added a lot more things for statistics etc.

Elevendarter's Checkouts_1.36

It's also a good tool for all darts tinkerers. I added a features that will show you how well you play with different darts and set ups - if you add the proper data into it, which is very easy. It will show how many times you have used any set up or barrels, stems, flights etc. and what average you got with these set ups. Actually, you can fill in any notes into the three filters that are there. I made a drop down list for up to 100 items that can be quickly chosen. What's more, I let my own list in it so that it is easier to understand how it should work. You can change it, of course. It can be also done for more than 100 items. I guess the formulas and macros wouldn't be broken if it was done the proper way.

Now it also shows average and median for your latest games (the whole points per game), it shows your Top 10 of best and worst games, how many times you finished this routine in 17-35 darts, 36-55 darts etc. It also shows how long have you been using this and how long it is since you practiced the last time.

Now I hope it's finished and I can start practicing again. BTW, last week at a tournament I was told by two individual players that my finishing was very strong. I doubt it was just because of those 50 games I had played by then but what if? .-)

I think I won't do any print screens because it' bigger than my screen can show.

Let me know please if anyone finds some bugs or imperfections. I mean, I know about a few things that could be done better, however when I tried to fix them (or when I was trying to do more formulas for getting unique values for the whole set ups) it was too slowing down the whole spreadsheet. I'd better let it be this way.

So, let's play darts .-)

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