Elevendarter’s excel spreadsheets for your practice routines
Elevendarter’s excel spreadsheets for your practice routines.

Games like Catch 40, Bob's 27, Cricket, High Scoring, Checkouts etc.
1. Darts Decider

2. Phil Taylor Chalenge

3. 170 in 9 darts and other games
4. Elevendarter's Checkouts Warm Up - more about it in the post #72

These spreadsheets can be used only on your computers, not on your cell phones, iPads or other smart devices...sorry :-)

You can download them from my dropbox (links above).
I created the first one (Darts Decider) because I wanted to compare my own darts skills while using different darts and set-ups. I had a few ideas and with a little help of my darts friends (also from this forum) I was able to add a few nice features into it.
After that I had another idea how to do it even better and I created the Phil Taylor’s Chalenge. It was a routine I had already used in the past and now I decided to give it a completely different layout by using knowledge I had learnt about excel. It consists of different games than the Darts Decider, some of them you may find being too hard to go through....
Unfortunatelly, I found out that many people couldn’t use these spreadsheets because their MS Office versions didn’t enable to run macros on their computers.  However, it works even without macros, it just isn’t that „nice and simple“ if you can’t use the buttons provided with the spreadsheets… From what I know it also works on computers with other programs like with the one in the Apple comps or with some Open source stuff.
Anyway, the last spreadsheet (170 in 9 darts…) is the simplest of the lot. No macros needed . At first I used this spredsheet just as a notepad for my other ideas so that I could use them in the future if I wanted to create another fancy spreadsheet but later I gave it some simple and unified layout and now I consider it being done as it is. It is often updated with new games though.
So, here it is. I am not competing with all those apps you can use these days. But you may find some of these games worth trying.

Here are some simple (and really small) printscreens, just to show you what it is about... Feel free to ask if anything isn't clear enough. These spreadsheets have already been released on internet and some of you might have seen them elsewhere...

[Image: ZMeLxLj.jpg]

[Image: 2s8OrLi.jpg]

[Image: t00coeK.jpg]
I was meaning to save these links from another forum but it's been down. Glad to see you're on here as well!
Yeah, I thought it could be worth posting it here as someone else could find it interesting too :-)

BTW, the newest version of 170 in 9 darts wasn't published anywhere but here. Trebles game was included.
Nice to see these spreadsheets made it across, they are great. Thanks Eleven, have a +1 from me.
(01-03-2017, 05:27 PM)wongerchi Wrote: Nice to see these spreadsheets made it across, they are great.  Thanks Eleven, have a +1 from me.

Cheers for that :-)
will download and may try some out as need to get back into it, thanks
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Great stuff! have a +1 Smile
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(01-04-2017, 07:54 PM)Getagrip Wrote: Great stuff! have a +1 Smile

Thanks :-) Hopefully it works as it should. If someone has problems with saving results in the Phil Taylor's Challenge, please let me know.
Thanks for the files. I look forward to trying them in my practice routines.
Thanks for posting these. I find them quite helpful.
(01-17-2017, 05:46 PM)FisherMMAn Wrote: Thanks for posting these. I find them quite helpful.

Cheers for that. Hopefully everything works right.
I've been a fan of elevendarter and the Phil Taylor challenge spreadsheet for over a year

big +1 for these training tools
I never thought I'd be so adept at subtracting 26 from any number....
Just discovered these. I'll be checking them out and giving them a try later.
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Question: How works the Sweet 16 of Phil Taylor.

If I hit in 3 darts it is 1 hit.
If I hit in 2 darts its also 1 hit. Can I throw the third dart for a second hit?
(01-28-2017, 11:08 AM)Poeee001 Wrote: Question: How works the Sweet 16 of Phil Taylor.

If I hit in 3 darts it is 1 hit.
If I hit in 2 darts its also 1 hit.  Can I throw the third dart for a second hit?

Hi, it's in the instructions. Actually, you can hit it three times if you're good enough, thus you can collect 3x five points at each visit. It's 300 possible points altogether, theoretically.

There's one more problem you may bump into. The original rules didn't explain what to do if you bust your score. I mean, you can hit S7 with your first dart. What now then? To consider it to be a bust and go again for D16? Or prepare a double with your second dart and try to get one point at least with your third dart? And what if you hit even number and you bust your score anyway? Then it makes no sense to even try hitting the odd number...

My advice is to get use to one type of rules - you should choose the way you like and go this way even in the future. Thing is, you will see then whether you beat your personal bests no matter the way is, providing the way is still the same.

I personally do it this way. If I hit S16 I go for D8. If I hit S11 with my second dart then I go on for D16 again. And next visit you always start with D16 anyway. If I hit D7 with a first dart (quite often) then I do go for D9. And if I hit let's say 12, then I go for D3 with my last dart while if I bust with my second dart or end up on an odd number I go back for the D16 with the third dart. As the name of this routine suggests, the main goal is to practice D16 but why not to go for some other doubles along the way...

I think it is a bit of a mess if you're reading it now but I believe you somehow choose the way you like yourself :-)

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