Your bullet shaped darts...
I have these:
Winmau Andy Fordhams Viking Warriors
Harrows Atomic
Unicorn Gripper

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Yet another...

[Image: b2fdca32-f33c-4836-b8d2-c764b4593d65_zpsgzq92g94.jpg]
Good thread this, gives me a chance to trawl through the archives...  Thanks GWN for the nostalgia trip and apologies in advance for spamming the thread with pictures! Smile

When I started back in darts in 2013 I found I could throw bullets much easier than straight barrels and so for a couple of years ago I was a dyed-in-the-wool bullet thrower.  This was part of my initial collection:

From L-R: 25g Harrows Bomber; 25g Unicorn Gripper 3; 26g Unicorn Phase 5 LP with 38mm Target Diamond points; 25g Unicorn Lumina; 26g Unicorn Phase 5 LP with extra grip, added by Madhouse Darts with 30mm Gold Storms.

[Image: IMG_20141016_221752.jpg]

Used the MH Customs for my first season, with a Target Pinch Grip/Harrows Standard or later, a Clic setup (pictured):

[Image: IMG_20141103_215956.jpg]

then added these 26g Winmau Testament with 30mm Black Storms:

[Image: IMG_20141129_133224.jpg]

Then things were starting to go a little bit wrong with the bullets so of course I blamed it on the darts Big Grin   Bought a couple more sets, but neither lasted very long.  First, these 24g One80 Riflemans with 41mm Unicorn 6 Groove Points:

[Image: IMG_20141211_225414.jpg]

And then the 24g Shot! 903 6 Series:

[Image: 29f7db8d-e9e9-4dc0-9f7c-7dd4d5aa8f50.jpg]

Nowadays I only have the MH Customs, the Luminas and the Testaments in the collection, those were the bullets I got on with best.  I still dig them out for a throw every so often, got them out the other day in fact.
All copper tungsten, left to right: unknown 21g, McCoy 22g, Retriever (?) 20.5g, McCoy 26g.

26's so far this year: I've already lost count. :-)

Nice pics and info Wonger on how you progressed through your bullets and forward. :thumbup:
I have a few old pics too :-)
[Image: 3062012steeldartsPrerovPenaltaletniturna...7e5ba9.jpg]
[Image: 3062012steeldartsPrerovPenaltaletniturna...a74201.jpg]
[Image: IMG_1068raw824ram_zpsa7f8934f.jpg]
[Image: IMG_3165raw996ram2_zps7dcf1f79.jpg]
From the left: 23g Target Scott Rand, 26g Winmau Testament, 26g Unicorn Phase 5
Nice pics 11darter, especially the one in black/white. :cool1:
One of loads, special Saber set-up
may all the doubles be with you

Question to ponder while here.  

Just for conversation sake, are Sigma barrels like the 950's and 970's for example a bullet dart?  

Have at it Nutz, look forward to your thoughts. Smile
[Image: 20160205_164841_zpsnuzp2sdl.jpg]

[Image: 20161212_144915_zpsqjqqwcxt.jpg]
Darts Used:

Soft Tip - Target Rob Cross Soft Tip, Pro Grip Inbetween Shafts, Target Shape Flight, Tiga Hyper Point Tips

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