Cuesoul Pro Championship Dartboard review and Cuesoul surround review

Firstly I want to thank Kenny from Cuesoul for sending this board and surround for review, cheers Kenny!

Well Cuesoul is making some awesome darts at present but I have not heard anyone talk about their boards, I think its mainly because its not so easy to get hold of at present but that will hopefully change soon.

So I got this Pro Championship board and had no idea if it was good or bad but after my short time with it I am pleasantly surprised with it.  But lets get some details out the way first Smile

The board is made using African Kenyan Sisal and it retails for around £47.99 and for UK buyers I think you can only get it on Anmazon UK at present but I think they are out of stock when I last looked, but as I say they will be sorting out more distribution in the near future.

The surround is as you would expect a dense foam PU injection moulded surround that helps protect your wall from stray darts and its tough and strong and does its job perfectly, I have only had a few surrounds and this one actually seems like the best I have had so far but it was very difficult to get it on the board as it was such a tight fit which was surprising with it being a Cuesoul board too.  But I think the struggle was worth it as I think the tight fit is helping to dampen the sound of the darts hitting the board, so that was fine by me Smile

I dont know the price of the surround but I seen one site where it said 44.00 and I think that was in Euros?

I stuck some darts in the surround just to test it and the holes close up to nothing really, was quite hard to see where the holes where after pulling the dart out, but it is what it is and its doing its job as you would hope it to.

So lets get back onto the board Smile

The board comes with the usual bracket and screws and some instructions as is often the case and it has a traditional round wire number ring which is detachable for when you rotate the board which you should do regularly, at least once a week Smile

The colours of the board are inked well and it had what I guess is visible signs that the ink had been touched up around the edges of the spider which is a good thing and shows attention and care to detail.

I saw no issues with the colours, they are nice and clear.

The spider is a thin straight edge spider and quite flush to the board and again I saw no problems with it.  Bullseye looked nice and central and upon measuring it that was pretty much the case.

The board as a whole kind of reminds me like a hybrid between the Blade 4 and the Eclipse Pro.

The board had a kind of soft feel when the darts hit but at the same time it also seemed quite dense.  I think no matter where I threw the darts on the board the sound was fairly quiet and very even across the board, no echoey or woody sounds just a nice gentle thud.

I was throwing my customs in the video and with my normal throw the points were going in about 8 to 10 mm.

After pulling the darts out the holes seemed to be healing quite quickly and even after an hours play as you can see in the pics at the bottom it was very hard to tell it had been used at all which was very good.

Of course is usually the case I cant test the full wear in one short review but my early impressions are very favourable, I like the soft sound of the darts hitting the board and so far with around 8 or so hours use its wearing very well, if it continues to do so then I would say its a very good board indeed.

I think it would be much better if the price was around the £40 mark, at that price point it would be a worthy contender to the other top boards.

The only thing I found so far that was a little bit of a something to complain about is that occasional I got some of the glue from the back board on my points, there was a very slight stickiness at times, I think it is likely I hit a spot were there was a bit too much glue applied but apart from that minor complaint I am very impressed with it.

I have a few boards on the go at present so its kind of hard to give them all the time they need to get the long term wear verdict but I will do my best and hopefully update this in a few months with its present condition at that time, so until then I would say its a surprisingly good board that could be worth a look Smile

P.S. One thing I noticed is having a red surround on a blue wall resulted in me seeing a negative image of a blue circle when I blinked. LOL!!!!

Box and Contents:

[Image: vwk9eaa.jpg]

[Image: zbAcbwb.jpg]

The Surround

[Image: NRIGNc9.jpg]

Pics of the board:

[Image: jBgncAA.jpg]

[Image: VKbbL5L.jpg]

[Image: 3xS5ukd.jpg]

[Image: oJy0CWX.jpg]

[Image: 0G84Fcd.jpg]

[Image: LPdzp5i.jpg]

[Image: i1AwwSt.jpg]

[Image: 5Ll27GW.jpg]

[Image: pu1X79s.jpg]

[Image: w9wJuCo.jpg]

[Image: 2qvgcee.jpg]

[Image: oG4fyXq.jpg]

[Image: 0WH7ZZW.jpg]

All set up:

[Image: cP0HLfZ.jpg]

[Image: Ichjpcc.jpg]


[Image: WL4rWZE.jpg]

[Image: aKqFPXE.jpg]

[Image: UVJHVp8.jpg]

[Image: DliPdLe.jpg]

[Image: PtUdcgI.jpg]

Just over one hours use:

[Image: hXboZxq.jpg]
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[Image: 87L1RR5.png]
Decent looking board. For me though since it is not a seamless board it needs to be £25-£30 really to make an impact.
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[Image: op13lZ6.png]
Not a bad effort from Cuesol. That spider looks very good. Drop the price by another tenner and they could have a serious contender on their hands. But at the moment I am having a 'B5DC or a G3' crisis. Have a festive +1!
[Image: oIDxeLS.png]
Looks a decent board. As mentioned if it was cheaper it would be a contender for me.
Very nice to have a choice though, there is a decent selection of boards available now. I like that.
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Great review and pictures as usual Darren and looks like a nice board too. +1 from me
Cant help but think that to compete with the best loved and popular brands coming in at a price above the established brands will not help
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Cheers all!

Yeah we have been kind of spoilt due to the battling of Winmau and Unicorn trying to outdo each other and releasing boards and such pricepoints, I was told boards take a lot of time and effort to make so the prices should be around £80-£90 but would people really be happy paying those sort of prices now, its very unlucky indeed but compared to darts boards have stayed pretty consistent in price over the years.
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Excellent review and it looks like a nice board. It'll be interesting to see how they match up against the big boys, but good luck to them as the competition is only good for us to push development further
[Image: PelXyih.png]
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I don't know if its me but it looks a lot like the One80 Gladiator 3 (except white number ring instead of silver) - if it is its going to be a great board.
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Cheers guys, its doing well so far I think Smile
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[Image: 87L1RR5.png]
Looks pretty nice and it seems like an exciting time for international sales at the moment. I'm not surprised if prices are a little high really, considering tax, import/distribution costs, labour and quality control (which is extensive on boards, being hand screened) if you're not one of the oldest companies it must be a pretty big risk; especially considering the competition over here.

Looks good though, if UK distro comes in at a good price I wouldn't hesitate to pull the trigger on one.
Yeah I think the weak pound is good for them although I see a lot of things where prices are still skewed like they were previously, been looking at the Sony RX100 camera which is $1000 and here it is £1000 which is over £200 more but it would have been that anyway, so some things the prices are a bit weird as they never convert such things relating to the exchange rate but you would think the weak pound would have made it more than £1000 so that makes me wonder if they just got used to the prices been a direct numerical equal without even thinking about the exact rate of exchange, it seems to be the same with a lot of such goods, if its $1 its also £1 regardless?
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