before they turned pro
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Believe that link is the same as this thread.

Sorry. There was a thread I had up on a different tab. I can't drum it up on this user-hostile phone, but I remembered it while reading thread and found it by Googling "Robert Thornton used Harrrows Boxer." In it it said that both Thornton and Kim Huybrechts used Boxer, that Paul Nicholson used James Wade darts and whatever else I'm forgetting now. I'll dig it up and post it tomorrow, I'm currently out with friends doing a poor job of pretending to care about the Redskins game.

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No worries, not a biggie and did give me a wee chuckle. Smile

Let's try it again, sorry it took so long:

Didn't Snackpot start out with a set of Colonel Sanders'?


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