Eric bristow durro darts
    hi everybody, these are the darts bristow used in the early 80's 16 ring 22g. sorry for the quality.
Nice one Ryan! Glad you got the uploading sorted Smile

The Durro ones are probably more rare than the Cocked hand too, thanks for posting!
I finally got there in the end. Yeah,these darts are quite hard to get a hold of. Thanks again darren Smile
No worries! Smile
bump for niteeyes
Cool darts, I like them
Cool guys
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Will you swap the stems, flights and case?
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i would love a set but they are just too expensive on eBay. the 22g set on there now is already over £100 and the last set i saw on there went for over £230
yeah its crazy, I never bother bidding on them these days, waste of time when people are paying silly prices like £200+ !
probably shill bidding or bid rigging at those prices - probably ended up being sold for a lot less
maybe but i know someone on another forum brought a set for well over £100. the cocked hand ones always seem to sell for over £75 too. i did think about having some customs made but without a barrel to copy its very hard to get the right groove dimensions and balance point.
A mate of mine on my dart team was recently showing me his $5.00 dollar Garage Sale darts he had picked up a couple of weeks prior.
As I looked at them I could not believe my Eyes they were a set of 26 gram Cocked Finger darts.

Some people have all the Luck.

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lucky guy. that is one hell of a steal
(05-08-2014, 02:15 PM)bret23 Wrote: Only available to view for active members with 5 or more posts click register to join Smile
Lucky Git! Tongue

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