How They Are Made - Custom Made Darts
We shared the image below on our Facebook page over the weekend and thought we'd share here for those that aren't on FB.

These are some of the stages we take to create a set of bespoke darts.

Stage 1 - Fresh 95% billets at 7.93mm Dia x 52.00mm - 45.55g
Stage 2 - We've reduced the length down to 47.20mm and drilled the holes for the shafts and points.
Stage 3 - Starting to take shape now as the tapers and diameter are cut in/reduced to give that Generation 3 look.
Stage 4 - The smooth front rings and micro grip right to the back are added.
Stage 5 - The wider grooves are now cut in, this ensures a symmetrical and evenly spaced micro grip is on each ring.
Stage 6 - Finished! Points are install, shafts fitted and ready for action at 26g - 7.80mm Dia x 47.20mm Long.

Hope you liked that little insight into how we do it and all that for £54.95/set + P&P

[Image: Stages%201-6%20wm.jpg]
MadHouse Darts
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MadHouse Darts
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Nice one, great pics as well. :thumbup:

Now I just need to go through all my notes/thoughts and figure out what I want for a set of customs proper.  Should only take a few years. Tongue
That's awesome, nice pics Tony, thanks for sharing Smile
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Very cool .....

Match Darts=Target Darryl Fitton,s® 22g

Back ups= Hmmmmm??? ®

 And..A few sets of spares .®   Rolleyes


Great stuff, leading me in temptation, also the pound stands good for me. Not sure if I can resist for long....
Someday I'm going to pack up the family and head over to the UK for a holiday.

Madhouse will be on my list of stops for sure.

I'll buy the first pint Tony!

[Image: 28700172273_696ce155a8_t.jpg]
Thanks for taking the time to show us the different stages to produce somebody's dream darts Tony
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Thanks for posting this Tony. It's great to see how you produce these amazing darting works of art.
Great to see insight info of your craftsmanship Tony
may all the doubles be with you

That's a great insight into the various stages in producing a dart. Very cool, thanks for sharing
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