So how'd your forum name come about?
Easy really, I love Kit Kats Big Grin
my initials KS and my truck (1999 s10)
Matchdarts- 23.3g Ks99dime Madhouse Falcon Customs, 41mm diamond points, tweenie supergrip stems, Harrows Velos flights.
Backups- 23g Shot! Birds of Prey Falcon
25g Hexoset
24g Target Power 8Zero
23g Ks99dime Madhouse Customs
23g Shot! Ronin Makoto
23g Adrian Lewis Pixel Grip
23g Target Daytona Fire 02
23g Dennis Priestley's
22g Cuesoul Black Scorpions
21g Ks99dime Custom
21g Harrows Wolframs
21g Harrows Atomics

The legendary middleweight boxer. A head made of granite! Smile
Are my initials and surname s.m.o.bras .
Used to have a saying when we couldn't hit the double.
Gary Anderson 2015 Phase 3 - 23g
2015 180's -133
2016 180s - 23/150
Best leg 11 Darts : 140 - 180 - 121 - S20 D20 (136.63 avg)
Best peg - 134 (T20-T18-D10)
People call me freddy and I live in Ottawa Smile
2017 180 count - 3
Board - Blade 4
Darts - Unicorn Hamilton 23g with storm points
Oche - Duct Tape
I was a good darter as well as a keen Snooker player, I chose snooker and didnt make the grade, but kept 180 in memorium lol
First initial + last name... sort of. Brown is always taken on EVERYTHING so always use Broon instead for email/forums etc.
Darts Used: Barney Phase 2 (25g)
Mine came from work. When I first started there were 3 Dave's, and for a week they kept getting us mixed up. It was only when a driver was out and rang into branch and asked for Dave, and we didn't know which one, he just said "The Egg". That came from the fact that I was the only in branch that shaved my head. I mean, really shave, not just clippers, bic razor all over.
"Majeek" has been my pseudonym 28 years ago as a Hacker. We started stealing Playstation Game Credits and evolved into playing with the US Pentagon system. After being caught by the FBI for spreading the "I Love You" virus along with 10 of my team, we were subjected to a "value re-transformation" program which gave way to my free "protective" entry to US soil. I was offered a job under the Agency. I served for 5 years and became the key person in the capture of Panama's Manuel Noriega, 1989 under the Operation Nifty Package. I was released from my obligation and my status as under political asylum - has been relieved to live as a free civilian US Citizen.

2003 I was recalled for service for Operation Red Dawn but under the CIA cover. The mission was a complete success.

After a brief stint, I settled down for good. 10 years after, I decided to join Dartsnutz.

That's where I got used to using "Majeek". It's as good as a first name after all these years.

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