So how'd your forum name come about?
(12-29-2014, 07:45 PM)trekbowl300 Wrote: Well after 8 months off of bowling I was asked to sub for a friend and then take over because his job changed and within 2 weeks bowled my first 300. Then the next year bowled another 300.

Awesome on the 300 games. Must have been a real thrill. Now get ya a 9 darter and rest easy that you have done all that really needs to be done in life.
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Thunk, thunk, thunk, walk, chalk, pull, turn, walk, turn, repeat...

(12-29-2014, 07:45 PM)trekbowl300 Wrote: My forum name came about because I was always interested in outer space and anything dealing with science fiction especially movies. So when “StarTrek” the TV show started up I just watched every show and became a little NUTZ about that also.

Then in college I needed a job so I worked at a small local bowling alley as a mechanic. I soon became interested in bowling and again went over the top with leagues and practice but like all things after 30 years I said the 300 game will never be something I can get. Well after 8 months off of bowling I was asked to sub for a friend and then take over because his job changed and within 2 weeks bowled my first 300. Then the next year bowled another 300.

After these things had taken place I started using the internet and needed names for all the different things I was on and in the beginning it was simple names I could easily remember and then one day at a Mac User group meeting the information about using numbers and symbols came up so it was not easy to guess names and passwords, when using the internet.

So I came up with the 3 things I liked and could easily remember and that was StarTrek, Bowling and the 300 games. So I came up with Trek and Bowl and added the numbers 300 for my high score game, giving me Trekbowl300.

Well that's quite involved, Smile

(12-29-2014, 07:51 PM)ReggaeDarts Wrote: Cos I loathe Reggae..... I think it's a Rubbish stupid noise.

And Darts is the Worst game going, played by Fat drunkards.

Your a big liar! its because you eat lots of reggae reggae sauce Tongue
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Wow - I thought Saber was a reference to the medical profession. Who knew? Tongue

Great stories here guys n gals - please keep em coming.

Originally, on another forum, I had the handle canuckdartnut (yes an original nut before this forum was created Tongue). Feeling that being a Canuck wasn't as unique as I thought and also to shorten it, I came up with Nucky Big GrinBig GrinBig Grin know.......the rest of the story Big GrinBig GrinTongueTongue
Dartbuddy, yes it was the biggest thrill, one of those you always will remember and when waking up in the middle of the night thinking I did it no more shots needed.

Now a 9 darter will probably be that same kind of thrill.

Getagrip it may seem involved because of my description but just a simple choice when trying to come up with a name that was specific to me.
0ldjoblo derived from having to think up something for a new account name on new forum in cyberspace,,AKA "0jb" short for
0ldjoblo on some forums,,,, kinda a like talking about your neighbor living down the road from you ,,, or across town ,,, "Old" "Joe" "Blow" ,,,for lack of not remembering a name,,,lol,,,for security purposes some web sites require a Number in the account name ,,so the letter o is a zero,,,
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This is becoming one of my favourite threads to read, kind of bit of everyone's evolution through life
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It's what I have been called by most of the people I know for the past 19 or so years. People used to call me Jugg, but that changed after all the Japanese started calling me Jugger-San.

The "Juggernaut" name was originally given to me by my Judo Sensei, it carried over to the wrestling.
Pretty simple: My first initial spelled out and the first three letters of my last name. I am JinRI on some other forums - John in Rhode Island. Since I now live in Massachusetts and didn't like JinMA, I opted for something else.
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I used to play CS : S (a video game) competitively through high school and college, I got to travel a little bit and get paid for it. Though I don't go by it anymore in games I think I just used it here out of pure habit and lack of imagination. The name itself is a character from a manga called Bleach.
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