So how'd your forum name come about?
I got Leaky back when I was 12, I was the goalie for our City's 14 year old All Star team and my coach called me Leaky and the other goalie Sieve, stuck with me my whole career. Some people still don't know my real name. Leaky due to the fact that I let the pucks leak by me.
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Everyone loves OFAH Rodney. Leaky, could have been so much worse.
Nicknames are sometimes in fun and sometimes derogatory but always topical
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I have no good story my name stinks. It was a username assigned to me in college and it has stuck for a lot of things. I have no real nickname.

And larry that's dissappointing every time I see your name I think you are that American Gladiator or somethingTongue.
I've had a few forum names over the years. Beowulf Agat is an agent codename from a spy thriller book that I've read over and over again. Thought it sounded pretty cool...Rolleyes
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Probably not the smartest thing to do but Darwin is my legal name. 1200 comes from the model number of the turntables from my djing days. Technics SL1200... Happens to work out that 24 bulls in an 8 round game of count up (soft tip) is 1200 points.
I started skateboarding in 1973 at the age of twelve. It would become a lifelong passion. Now, at the age of 53, I am still long-boarding and downhill free-ride. In the 80s, I had a Volkswagen Beatle that I adored. I ripped the backseat out to make plenty of room for the toolbox needed to keep the car running and plenty of skateboards for road trips. I put the letters Sk8buggy under the tint on the front windshield. I now have a Toyota Yaris sedan that I am rather fond of. It has a personalized license plate, Sk8buggy. When I needed to come up with a screen name I just did a play off that. As my reflexes are pretty much shot for pool riding, I am only doing downhill. I expect that after a while I will no longer be able to do that. It is heartbreaking. I got into darts as a way to replace my sk8ing passion. I think of it as a way of tying the old in with the new. It is the sport I choose to follow as I become more feeble and less rad.
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My real name is Jeroen, but for some wierd reason a collegue of me starts calling me Joene, and the rest is as they say history.
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My forum name came about because I was always interested in outer space and anything dealing with science fiction especially movies. So when “StarTrek” the TV show started up I just watched every show and became a little NUTZ about that also.

Then in college I needed a job so I worked at a small local bowling alley as a mechanic. I soon became interested in bowling and again went over the top with leagues and practice but like all things after 30 years I said the 300 game will never be something I can get. Well after 8 months off of bowling I was asked to sub for a friend and then take over because his job changed and within 2 weeks bowled my first 300. Then the next year bowled another 300.

After these things had taken place I started using the internet and needed names for all the different things I was on and in the beginning it was simple names I could easily remember and then one day at a Mac User group meeting the information about using numbers and symbols came up so it was not easy to guess names and passwords, when using the internet.

So I came up with the 3 things I liked and could easily remember and that was StarTrek, Bowling and the 300 games. So I came up with Trek and Bowl and added the numbers 300 for my high score game, giving me Trekbowl300.
Cos I loathe Reggae..... I think it's a Rubbish stupid noise.

And Darts is the Worst game going, played by Fat drunkards.

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