Dart Specifications Database - Steel Tip
You don't have Harrows Aura 21g that I recently bought. I'll pull them out a bit later and get the scales out etc and add it .... I'll be back ... later.
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(10-07-2016, 06:44 PM)Swiiiitch Wrote: Dart Specifications Database - Steel Tip

This database is a list of dart specs that have been measured by the members of this forum.  It is an ongoing community project, so as information gets submitted, the list will be updated with new or corrected information.  I cannot guarantee all the information is 100%, but I'll do my best to aim towards that, so please don't hold me responsible for any mistakes or wrong information.  Instead, please let me know so I can correct it. :-)

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Not sure what you intended to say, only the quote was visible.  Maybe avoid quoting long posts until you get the hang of things?  Smile 

And welcome to the forum BTW.  Perhaps a post in the intro area will get you started:


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