Which soft tip dartboard should I buy?
Hello Dartsnutz family,
Since I'm really enjoying steel darts, I also want to try soft tip now. But the choice of a good dartboard is much more complicated than I thought. Is there any guide to soft tip dartboards like 'this is the best manufacturer', 'this is the best board', this is the best bang for your buck' etc.? And I'm even more interested in your personal recommendations!
In the end I want to stress that I'm not afraid of buying a used one in proper condition. Maybe even a fellow nut has a board that he doesn't need/use anymore?! Big Grin

Cheers! Smile

I have lots of darts for sale & trade. You may have a look here and won't regret it!

Currently I'm looking for:
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You can offer any set besides the listed.
I think if you want the "best" you should go with something like a Gran 2 board. Its the quieter version, online play, easy to replace any broken parts ect.

Grip has reviewed a few different soft tip boards on his channel. https://m.youtube.com/user/dartsnutzdotcom and Kosumo has a great review of the gran 2 board https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=n-wWotMNp4k
If you want the best quality made board then the Hi Darts is superb, but from what others have said the Gran board 2 and the Vdarts board are very good options also.
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As someone who has a Gran Board 2 I would vouch for it Smile
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Rather than starting a new thread, i might piggy-back on this one....

I lobbied to get a soft-tip board installed in the break-room at the office, and its received such an overwhelming response that we've worn out the board Smile  

The board we had installed was the One80 brand, pretty much this one: https://www.deadeyedarts.com/one80-elect...80bed.html

While I like the look of the boards mentioned on this thread, they look more suited to a home environment, rather than an office - particularly if you need a separate device for scoring, like a tablet or phone, or if each user needs an account. Having the scoring screen/mechanism built in to the unit is probably a requirement.  

Online play is not really something we would need - more just in-person 2-4 player, pick up and go.

Also, we would need something thats built to take alot of use - i'd say on average the board would have about 6-10 games per day of x01 or cricket, pretty much 5 days a week (which is why the One80 one is now showing its age - nearly a year on, and its taken alot of abuse)

To that end, from what ive read, i assume the Viper brand is probably to be avoided - build quality doesnt seem to be its strong suit.

I assume that pretty much leaves Arachnid, right? Something like the 750 or 800 ?  I'm not sure what our budget it (have to consult the bean counters) but im sure ~USD200 would be close towhere we're at. (We're in Australia if that makes a difference...)

Thx in advance for the help Smile
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