first 180
Week and a half of playing properly (as opposed to occasional drunken games of killer down the bar as a student)

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2016 - 180 x 36, 170 x 1, Triple Bulls (150) - 1
2017 - 180 x 139, Triple Bulls (150) - 1
2018 - not couting, just throwing
Best leg - 11 darts

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Took me about 9 months and 20,000 throws, give or take

haven't gotten my second yet either......

it was exciting, but it was practice.
in an actual match i don't have one. I have a 174 (slopped the 3rd dart into T18) - i'll take it!
I never thought I'd be so adept at subtracting 26 from any number....
I can't wait.....2 months and counting?
I hit my first 180 when I was 13, I had been play for a year or so. It wasn't till I got a set of non brass darts that I eventually got one. It was a while before the second came along. Most I've hit in one practice session was 10.
Been playing for a couple months now regularly and I've hit one. Admittedly it was a luck up and I'm sure will be a long time until it's repeated.

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Don't remember precisely now as it was 15 or more years ago... but I think it 1 or 2 months
We played a lot in that time (2-3h on average every day) Smile
It took me a year and a half for my first. The 180 isn't as important to darts as being able to hit any target you want anywhere on the board. Especially when it comes to actual games of 01 or cricket. Grouping and finishing and being able to hit a single to setup a finish is much more important.

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I've started playing steel darts about a year ago and I didn't manage to get one yet. Although there were a few really close 140s. My highest score was a 174, though I'm honest enough to admit that the third one went into the T18 on accident ;-)
lol those count. Smile
It took me about 10 years to get my very first. My 2nd came in the same year. I was a slow beginner. I have been playing since I was about 14 and I'm 47 now. Been playing on and off. From memory, over the next 13 or 14 years I only increased to finish with 35 before having a 7 year break. When I came back I hit 133 x 180's in 2015 and then 318 x 180's in 2016. I've stopped counting now because I think I tend to try and chase the maximum. Instead of setting myself up, time to stop counting and focus on improving my finishing and increasing my average and consistancy.

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