first 180
how long did it take you guys before you hit your first 180?
Started in January and hit my first in June so about 6 months after I first started. Hit 12 in total now. Probably could have hit one a month or two earlier but I missed on the last dart alot Big Grin
I'm approx a year in and still not quite done it, been so very very close, but not hit the magic one yet!
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from what i remember it was only a few days after i started playing. I remember my dad swearing (which was rare in front of his kids) and then telling my mum that it took him nearly a year to hit his first one.
years for me. I just cannot get three darts consistently placed. Have thrown three now in the last year and quite a few close calls so don't put a time on it just enjoy the game and they will eventually happen.
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Took me about a month, give or take a week.
Started playing in January and was out of work at the time so I was practicing pretty much all day back then.
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Took me about 8 months. Just keep at it. I hate to hear when people are like "took me a week" lol like come on.
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lol you gotta keep counting those 140s so you have something to feel good about Tongue
i started beginning of august and i am up to 28 140s so far Big Grin
I forget now, think it was a few months, but its hard to quantify really as in all the time I played from the odd times throwing as a kid then a teenager then when I re-played about 30+ I was not really taking it serious but just throwing very casually.

When I did decide to take it more serious and play properly for at least 2 hours a day I hit my first in less than 2 weeks.

So not sure if I count the few months were I was just having the odd casual throw as I honestly never even thought I would get anywhere near a 140 never mind a 180 Smile
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Took me about two years. I envy all of you and your natural talent.

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