Darts Angle in the board
Glad I stumbled across this thread. Ideally, your dart is supposed to be angled flight up at about 10-45 degrees. This prevents blocking if you've hit your target, and is why they say if you miss, you should miss high. For soft tip players, you need to practice on a steel tip board for tuning, and attempt to get the dart to enter the board as flat as possible. Smaller flights decrease the angle at which the dart enters the board, as do heavier/longer shafts. I've encountered a lot of soft tip players using the wrong setup, you can tell by how their darts wobble when they enter the board. All one needs to do is throw at a steel tip board!
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I remember reading that info about dart flights supposed to be angled 10-45 degrees in so many instructional dart books/guides...never made sense to me. In the last year I've gripped more near the nose and my darts lay flat.....and I find it much easier to hit targets that are normally blocked or rarely run into situations where I have no room/angle.
I could see flat being better than a slight upward angle, you'd have less flight blocking the target looking straight on at it. I like about a 20 degree angle, it leaves the target open and allows me to slip darts in underneath more easily. Like everything in darts, to each their own.
18-gram Target Carrera C11
L-Style In-between L-Shafts
L-Style Kite Champagne Flights
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My darts lay pretty flat so I can stack on top relatively easily but going below a dart is a no no
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