So what weight do you think you throw ? No you dont
(08-27-2016, 02:49 PM)Scotty Burnett Wrote: Steel tip darts are weighed as barrel and point only. Except if you're buying Monster steeltips which are advertised as full setup weight. Smile

Soft tip darts are weighed as complete darts. Except if you're buying Cosmo softips which are advertised as barrel weight. Big Grin

I agree barrel weight should be the standard but some people, like me, use heaver setups (my Cosmo Super Duralumin #7s are nearly 3g by themselves!). So it can help to use full setup weight sometimes as you know how heavy your setup can be, for a given barrel weight. Since I throw between 10-14 gram barrels, I usually end up around the 14-18g full setup mark.
[Image: SJPX5hS.png]

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Current setup:

Cosmo Juggler Queen 2nd 400 (18g) + One80 Reflex conversion points
Cosmo Carbon #8 locked stem
Cosmo Fit Flight Juggler yellow (ocean design)

High checkout: 124 (T20, T14, D11, steeltip)
Best 501 leg: 20 darts
I have learnt that I like to have minimal weight/length on stem.
like 2ba slikstick

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