One80 Gladiator 3 dartboard review
I've just unboxed mine. I had it at home for three weeks, it was about a time to get it on the wall.-)

I've bought the version with Rotafix, I'm not going to use it now though. I'd have to re-drill the wall and I am not too keen to do that. What's more, I'd be worried that in some positions it might not be easy to get the correct position if it hadn't been drilled perfectly straight.

First impressions:

About 5mm smaller than the other dartboards. My surrounding is a bit too big now (especially after it has been used for one year with the even bigger Unicorn Eclipse Pro...). I've got a non flexible DIY polysterene one.

Some strange patterns in sisal occuring here and there. Not a big issue.

The number ring is silver. I better changed it for the old white one.

There was the metal bracket included in the package, which was great. Plus there were three pieces of plastic to be used to level the dartboard against the wall. However, no nails were included and you'd have to have yours if you wanted to attach those little plastic things. Nevermind, I better use the thin metal springs that come in the kits of other producers. I've got a few spare ones.

The dartboard seems to be quiter than Blade 4, Unicorn Eclipse Pro and Bul'ls Adv. II and 5.01 that I've had. My Bull's Trainer Avantage seems to be the quietest of the lot though.

No EDO logos. I'd better had some, I liked that design.

Ask me next year what my impression would be then :-)
Pretty much the same for me, except didn't get the Rotafix.  Did get nails though - lol.  Sat in the box for a couple of weeks, then decided yesterday to mount with the Bull's/Puma mount system.  Already had that on the wall, simple matter to attach the 'puck' to another board.  And you can get spare pucks.

Found the plastic feet thickness matched up well to the Bulls mount.  And agree the board is a little smaller diameter than the standard 18".  Like a B5 in terms of surround fit.  Bulls/Puma mount system link:
I'm just wondering what differentiates that bracket from the basic metal U and screw in the board? Ultimately one thing I'd like to upgrade from my B5 is the tightening procedure
I bought my G3 here in Australia just last week and it was $89 (about 40-45 GBP). I thought it was good value considering the Blade 5 and HD2 are $149. One80 decided that all boards in Australia will be shipped without Rotafix fittings so I had to buy it separately, but at $14.99 its pretty reasonable

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