Target Titanium carbon stems review
Had the same thing happen to me 10 min after throwing with them - nooooooo more.

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(07-29-2016, 08:05 PM)Greener Wrote: I do like the look if them, but dont understand the logic behind these. What s the titanium bit for? To add weight at the rear of the dart? Or just aesthetics? Or something else?

It feels like a philosophy of why use one material, when you can use two? Which doesn't really make sense.

I think they make blingy shafts with a replaceable part to keep the cash coming in. I like their stuff but I'm sure they could make titanium ends for their power shafts, but then you wouldn't be buying replacements.
The replacement  ends for gen 3 power shafts are £1.32 on Darts Corner, £1.50 for gen 4 and they're interchangeable. But that's on top of the £12-18 you've paid for your power/ pixel/cortex stems.

And compare that to harrows dimplex which I bought 3 sets of for £3.45 and they take Robin Hoods with ease.

Don't get me wrong about Target titanium stems, they're great but they're pretty expensive, and to me it feels a bit like I'm being ripped off.

As far as the Ti Carbon stems go, I think they're high end bling. They could make a titanium flight holder and a titanium screw in bit and join the 2 with a proper carbon fibre rod that's replaceable. I think it's just profiteering the way these are designed.
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Thanks for the info.
I tore up so many flights trying to fit them I gave up and tossed them in my spares box, never to be seen again.
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I love the look of them but I shelved the carbon stems that come with my Daytona Fires simply because they break. Replaced them with Target's aluminum gripper shafts with replaceable tops. They should last forever...or a heck of a lot longer than the carbons.
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