News of the world silver trophy
news of the world london and home counties individual darts championship winner 1960 trophy any ideas on who one it ?
Tough one, have you tried contacting Patrick Chaplin:
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Neil (shafted) may be able to help as well if he has the finals program in his collection - not sure when he was last online though
cheers guys Id love to know who one it its around 10inches tall also have 1960 gold divisional medal
can you post some piccies of them please (we are nosey like that lol).
will do its similar to the trophy pictured on a different post but has different style handles the gold one is basicly the same as the silver ones in design
Hi Double 1, sorry for the late reply not been on here for a couple of weeks the guy who's name your after is Jim Driscoll who was a 50 year old printer playing  from The Cricketers Newington Butts London , he lost 2-1 in the quarter finals to Tom Reddington from George hotel Alfreton Derbyshire who went on to win it for the 2nd time having previously won it in 1955... I saw the trophy on Ebay recently for £500, I assume you was the seller..Thanks Neil.

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