Bulls and Doubles Practice routine - vid
(08-26-2015, 04:08 PM)*Saber* Wrote:
(08-26-2015, 03:03 PM)Dartbuggy Wrote: I do this a little different. I take a turn at a number. If I mark with one or more of those darts, I take another turn at the same number. As long as I mark, I get another turn. I get a big thrill when I can close a number (usually five marks) before moving on. If I have spare darts in my hand after closing a number, I consider them as free darts at the next number. Kind of like a bonus for closing the last one. Even if I miss the number with my spares, I still have three (one turn) darts to throw at that same target. Maybe, this makes the exercise easier, but it gives me reward for success and keeps me motivated. I always like to play with 12 numbers because that is how many fit nicely on one side of my scoring board. If I am in a hurry I just shorten the exercise to 3 marks to close. The thing I have taken from the book A-Z Darts, Beginning to End, is the idea that the exercise being finished is the goal. I may have a rough estimate of the time it took me, (anywhere from 40mins to 90mins) but I don't mark the starting and stopping times. I just must continue until it is finished. I have started adding the T20 as a target. I will probably work T19 in, the next time I get to play, as well (sooner than later I pray). I always end up closing the bulls first. They are easier for me. I haven't done flight school, but I adhere to a lot of the ideas in George's book. I imagine Larry's Bulls and Doubles routine is similar to one of the flight school exercises. All I know is, every time I run this routine, my game is elevated for a while. I continue to appreciate it every time (Thanks Larry) and recommend it to anyone who needs a way to get prepared for a match.
Thanks Buggyman I appreciate your post greatly. And to change things around is great stuff because it keeps your interest and not getting bored with the same old stuff, to me is very important. Yeah throwing in a triple or two is fun and improves switching from target to target.
Thanks again buddy. Now if he just gets rid of those aluminum stems he will make me buddy list TongueTongueBig Grin aww hell your a good guy anyway Big Grin

Aw, you're a hell of a good guy too! Big Grin I don't mind getting all sentimental and sensitive, but if somebody starts crying, I am outta here. :dodgy:

I know in my heart your bigotry against aluminum is born of ignorance Huh and not Angry malevolent intent. So I forgive you this flaw. I (me) could not support one over the other without knowing both. So, as a peace offering, I present this foto of my darts that currently execute their duties in nylon garb. Yes, I use both. And still, I champion the glory of aluminum and its current state of the art, Keramic. All hail aluminum!!! Angel

[Image: DSCN3333_zpsuuzwu3ga.jpg]
[Image: BJ8F7UG.png]

Thunk, thunk, thunk, walk, chalk, pull, turn, walk, turn, repeat...

Now those are pretty stems , I forgive you Lol
They are nice looking darts and I'm eyeballing the black flights with the rose. Me like 'em.
time for a bump
Posting so I can see it Smile
Thanks so much for the time and effort you put in for this .
I will be using it myself from now on .

Saber thanks for the ' Bump ' .

Puma ' Kombat ' - 24grm 80% .
Formula F2 -  22grm  90% .
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Target ' Coranado' lighting system .
cant see the link

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(11-06-2018, 05:18 AM)djgimzz Wrote: cant see the link
Now that you have over 5 posts, you should be fine next time you login...
Great vid! +1 Smile

I am thinking about making a training plan and this routines will be in it. Problably I will switch between the 2 suggested. One time closing the first # first, the other time breaking the #'s down. From the past I know that confidence is key in this game. And hitting your doubles certainly helps alot.

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