New Top Gear is dire!
I watched the first episode last week and was not impressed but was willing to give it another viewing this week and now I am even less impressed.

Its just so dull and lifeless now, just goes to show what a magic formula Clarkson, May and Hammond had together.

The new guys Chris Evans and Matt leblanc have no chance of matching the chemistry of the previous 3. Evans seems false and forced in his presenting and almost seems to be trying too hard to be like Clarkson and Leblanc just seems lost and bored.

Totally dire!

I have not bothered to read the response around the web until this morning and I see its had a slating everywhere, hardly surprising really.

Sad that such a great show is ruined.
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I have not seen the new series but was a huge fan of the old top gear, even got all the specials on dvd. And I think it is really hard to replace them 3 because they just were brilliant! Top gear usa isn't much better though... I am really thinking to get myself an amazon prime account only to watch Clarkson May and Hammond in their new show
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i must say i enjoyed last nights a lot more than the previous weeks. i thought the south africa film was really entertaining.

i totally agree that at the moment these guys don't have the same chemistry. however. if you watch very old episodes of clarkson may and hammond then may in particular (when he dressed like an old man in trousers and jumpers etc) is really not great. over time they have become such a great trio though so maybe given time this side will improve further.

cannot wait to see what the other 3 come up with on Amazon though since they won't have the BBC watching over them.
Imho New TG sucks.

I just hope "The grand Tour" aka TGT aka Top Gear Two will be as good as TG once was.
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I preferred last nights episode over the first in the series but the same issues are there in the pre-recorded segments..over the top shouting as if he was still presenting TFI Friday..the studio bits did seem a bit toned down so they may be taking the criticism on board.

Still not a patch on the Clarkson, May and Hammond...really looking forward to TGT now the shackles of the BBC are off.
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I did not see last nights as I watched the darts. But I was very disappointed with the first one. They practically copied previous segments done by the old presenters. Three wheeled cars, trip to blackpool and firing lasers at cars in a military setting.

They should have changed the format more and come up with their own take on it. Chris Evans is not the most likeable chap either and that does not help.
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I can't even bring myself to watch it. Chris Evans does my nut in
You shouldn't be allowed to present a tv show with such an unlikeable face
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hahaha stop trying to be nice and say what you really feel walker Wink
Never watched the original incarnation as I can't stand Clarkson, and I won't watch this one as i can't stand Evans either lol.
Only 2.8 million viewers for last night episode... thats down 1.5 million compared with episode 1 which was already well down on the old team
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