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(07-22-2016, 06:56 PM)SlingBlade Wrote: And another thing. I've never heard the term "clobber" before and found it to mean clothes. Wonder where that term came from?

My nephew is getting married and I need some clobber to not look like a hick.

Clobber is used in Australia as well. Probably Cockney slang.

I just recently learned the term Bangers (referring to sausages in the UK) was coined because after WWI during meat shortages, there was more water used in making the sausages. They popped frequently while being pan fried. Hence Bangers.

I am not really sure why I felt the need to share just now...
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I had some sweet chilli bangers yesterday, very nice!
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I buy stuff from A-Z because they have a large selection of products, they are good people, they have competitive prices, and they provide good service.  Normally, items are packed and shipped out on the day they receive the order.  I like that.
I ordered my new Winmau Blade 4 Dual Core from them yesterday and got a confirmation that the order was sent in the evening and should be arriving at my door sometime this coming Monday.   So, order Thursday afternoon and receive it 4 days later, weekend included.    Not bad service and the only place I've been buying boards for the past several years.

Stupid me forgot to put in an order for more flights and stems at the time, so I'll just wait until my current supply gets dangerously low before ordering, by then I may want something else.
Geez you fellas know how to make a guy feel loved Smile
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Very glad to hear A-Z offers discounts for Nuts again. I'll order my replacement shafts tonight!
Whats the current discount code?
Thinking of getting my razor R3
(09-14-2016, 10:16 AM)TheCrane180 Wrote: Whats the current discount code?
Thinking of getting my razor R3

Matchdarts- 23.3g Ks99dime Madhouse Falcon Customs, 41mm diamond points, tweenie supergrip stems, Harrows Velos flights.
Backups- 23g Shot! Birds of Prey Falcon
25g Hexoset
24g Target Power 8Zero
23g Ks99dime Madhouse Customs
23g Shot! Ronin Makoto
23g Adrian Lewis Pixel Grip
23g Target Daytona Fire 02
23g Dennis Priestley's
22g Cuesoul Black Scorpions
21g Ks99dime Custom
21g Harrows Wolframs
21g Harrows Atomics

I could change it to ScottyisAwesome so nobody forgets! Smile
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