BDO World Darts Trophy 2016
Lorraine Winstanley must have THE WORST throw of most professional dart players. A style absolutely no one would recommend to anyone. But like the oddball that is Mr Suljovic it works for her. She does look like she has mobility issues in her arms, she never seemed to extend them fully even when she hugged her opponents after the match.
First 180: 19/3/2015
Best leg 501: 12 darts (11/4/16)
Back after a hiatus, getting over dartitis 
Glad he managed to win a major again.
Top bloke!

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(05-31-2016, 04:16 PM)stahlmann Wrote: Strange, i thought for myself that a lot of the ladies have a hectic non "flowing" style.

There is a sort of gulf with the women. A lot of the players are really smooth or really precise like Griffeth or Mayumi Ouchi, or they are massively hectic or odd or both. Some of it is the height issue Gallagher's slightly odd action seems to compensate for that and she aims differently when going for 19s or doubles in the bottom half of the board (Gulliver wears 5" heels. Which I guess means all the hours she puts in practising she is wearing those heels.) But there are a lot of very good actions in the womens game, plus a few eccentric ones.
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