Darts for stem end of barrel grip - stem grippers post your faves in here
Oh yeah....tried the wade gen 2 with the micro grip at the end but did not get on with the barrel as it was to long for me but the micro grip at the back was great
The winmau phantom and bulls white pegasus both have micro grip at the very rear

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Been throwing this barrel for a couple years now, really like the scallop in the rear but I've even moved a little farther back and grip the micro gripped area where "Colonial" is etched

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Fancied trying a Cross type darts so I had the plain section of a set of 22 gram RD Hellfires modified ( cut to 47 mm and 20 grams ) and a set of 22 darts Clearance ( now 20.2 grams ).
[Image: hPGq8Rr.jpg]
[Image: V8heJDo.jpg]
Both sets fly really well but maybe should have started with 24 gram barrels
[Image: GEpKdcf.png] 
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Pentahlon TDP Series - Moedl T1 for me, Getagrip did a great review on them and he liked them for a front gripper but the grip at the back goes all the way to where teh stem meets the barrel and are really comfortable for me.

Bullet style so may not suit all.

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