Darts for rear grip - rear grippers post your faves in here
Currently using: Designa Razor Grip black 20g
There are quite a bit of GOOD looking Darts in the thread. Now I have more research to do....Thanks a lot guys. LOL
[Image: ARJSu2G.jpg]
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Shot Tribal Weapon

I like scallop darts as mostly is in my head for a consistent grip.  Grip is scallop is good, not too aggressive for me and should hold up as it is hidden from all the banging and clashing from incoming darts.  I also am not a fan of coated darts, mostly visual after use, so I sandblasted off the 'copper colored' coating with a fine grit.  No change in feel or grip and also added 42mm long points.
[Image: GuMxkER.jpg]
[Image: aOjMFD3.jpg]
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These new Pentathlons are nice, not an aggressive grip but enough.
[Image: d81f9c05e655d30c2859016ddc7c8475.jpg]
(11-01-2017, 04:11 PM)Olsen65 Wrote: Currently using:   Designa  Razor Grip black 20g

I'm playing them too. they are really great
(04-16-2016, 02:06 PM)DDDeadeye Wrote: Alan Glazier Ton Machine in 26G (Pure magic)

Great darts
(05-08-2017, 02:29 PM)WhiskyPops Wrote:
(05-08-2017, 01:39 PM)kresike Wrote: I recently got some Unicorn Sigma Pro 970 LP's, they work wonders for me with my rear grip.
Lovely set Smile

These are Dead Center Darts (DCD) “The Razr” 90% Tungsten 20g Dars! Great grip and weight differential

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Picked up my first dart in October 2017, been hooked ever since.  I only play Soft Tip, never threw a Steel Tip.  Always looking to improve! 

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SHAFT:  L-Style Carbon Silent Spinning 260
FLIGHTS: L-Style Astra Champagne Flights
TIPS: L-Style Lippoint Premium (Black)
HOME BOARD: Gran Board 2 (Blue) (GranBoardID: JASnKAI808)

Chisnall, Cross etc. basically any classic bristow-style ring grip dart. I like the Chizzys the most because the rear section is just a bit longer.
[Image: 39834143271_b2a8a912e9_c.jpg]
Love them.
[Image: 40044213562_88cce74fd0_b.jpg]

Target 9Five Generation 3s Cool  23.g (weighted 22s) 32mm points.  How can I miss with them arrows?  Undecided   


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