Darts for rear grip - rear grippers post your faves in here
Rear gripper here. Current setup is some Pentathlons off of Darts Clearance.  Nice section of shark grip in the back with a smooth barrel seperation and a ring grip section in the front. Have had these for about 2 years and still love them (especially with new longer points).

Got another set coming from Darts Clearance that looks kind of like the Winmau Snipers. Not as much of a straight barrel but still has the shark grip in the rear that I found I like. Can't wait to try them.

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Those penthatlons look nice, what kind of ring grip is it? Hard to tell if its grippy.
Full ringed barrels Purist style or variants.
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I just ordered a set of the Harrows Spina 24 gram in blue based on the recommendation of an earlier poster. They look like they would be a good fit for my style.
(12-09-2019, 12:02 PM)Cateye Wrote: I can really recommend the Harrows Spina darts for rear grippers.
You will grip them after the bulbous section and will get a scallop like feeling on the shark grip section.
Combined with the bulb you can push against this gives you a freaking amazing reference point which will aid your grip and throw.
The griplevel is high but not clingy, so you can hold them very light without any slippery feeling.
These darts feel a lot heavier than they are, you may consider a lower weight.

Very strange.  I just received mine yesterday and if anything they feel a bit lighter than they should.  Not in a bad way though.  So far I'm really liking them.
I will through in my opinion of the new winmau Vincent van der voort... great for rear gripping .. really strong quadrant grip but.... smooth on release and goes nearly to the end of the barrel..... put on prism force stems and they are great
Mikuru Suzuki Gen 2. Amazing darts for rear grippers, but like most darts from Target Japan, very, very, very expensive.
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