Darts for front Grip - Front grippers post your faves in here
As the thread states if your a front gripper then post what darts you have liked using the best.

I often get asked to recommend a dart for such and such a grip but I think its not as straight forward as that, the way we throw also influences the choice just as much, but I think it would be handy to have threads where we could have a selection of peoples picks to use for a reference.

So will make a thread for each grip type and should be interesting to see what people like Smile

Personally as a front gripper I always favoured the John Lowe Bullet style but in recent years I seem to have changed to liking some straighter or slightly front loaded darts more but at present I am still liking the Neon 2 a lot.

Whats your favourite and why? Smile
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My recently acquired Barney phase 5's are the perfect dart for my front grip. Effortless to throw, flies true without any wobble. Just the perfect dart in my opinion.
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I'm only here for the reviews.

I like this thread a lot Smile

For me the Anderson Phase 1s work really well. Rings only at the front of the barrel means it is easy to 'feel' my hand position. I also like slim darts and the Andersons are really slim.
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Lately been throwing some one80 Broadswords. I'm more front and these fit the bill for me.
Another vote for the Barney Phase 5's.
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Winmau Blade 5

The Target Fittons are another excellent dart for front to middle grippers.
Recently re-discovered these and instantly became my main dart again (soft tip).
[Image: fQ2fu2q.png]
Harrows Aero Style b (odd weights)
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I would have to say the RD Mason darts as the scallop allows for consistent grip at the font so long as you grip lightly and don't press your fingers deep into the scallop as that doesn't allow for a clean release.

Obviously these are now as rare as hens teeth but I had a set of RD darts modified to be pretty much identical to the Masons. Incidentally my set will be appearing is BSS soon along with quite a few other sets of darts. The only reason they will be included is they are 25g which has proved too heavy compared with my 'go-to' 17.5g darts.
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I like the DPC darts (the Gun Metal version are my favourite), the RD Bear grips, the RD Rastas and the Unicorn Barney Phase 1's.

Be inetresting to see what other front grippers reccommend in here Smile
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Glad I saw this thread, tried to get a middle grip going for a switch up but just doesn't feel comfortable.. nice suggestions in here.

Last set of darts that felt truly great for my front grip were 22g harrows fire darts. I often find it difficult to grip a dart in exactly the same place everytime but this was not a problem, had to switch out the flimsy flights though.

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