Peter Wright - Autism
I saw that and was thinking to myself "is he wearing that for Autism?" guess he was
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[Image: 1eox48i.png]
Pure class
[Image: pEX1n6R.jpg]
Just look in the eyes of the boy and see how much joy he had. Nothing to add...
It needs so little to help so much...
Great from PW....
That is a heart warming picture. Well done to Peter and his wife.
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I liked Peter for some time now. Despite people not liking his outfits and his hair there was still something that made me like this guy, I don't know what but maybe because of the hair and outfits showing he likes to go against the grain a bit. Now I see a totally class act story like this and it just verifies that he should be liked even more. I am a real softy for this kind of stuff and just love seeing a star taking time for kids whether it be a dart player or sports star or movie star it is all classy as hell.

Way to go to the Wrights!!!
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This is awesome to see someone who has an unmistakable media presence show support for autism from his heart. Snake bite is a genuine good hearted person in my opinion.
As someone with mental illnesses this is pretty cool to see.
I didn't like the over the top showman stuff that he puts out there at first. As I have learned more...I have come to root for him. As the father of a child with some different abilities, this is cool to see.

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