Peter Wright - Autism
Did anyone else catch Peter Snakebith Wright with the Autism logo on his head last Thursday night? I mean, if you watched, how could you not!

[Image: oTI3I12.jpg]

Just one of the coolest things. The event was not endorsed by Autism Speaks, there was no media around it that I saw. No other player had a badge on or anything. To me it looked like he and Joanne just decided to raise some awareness to Autism by doing the head thing. 

I mentioned it in the shoutbox, but the heathens on at the time must no have cared much  Big Grin Big Grin :dodgy:

I love it when someone with some form of celebrity does something not because they are being endorsed to, but obviously because he was compelled to.

CHEERS Peter mate. Good on ya to both you and Joanne!

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Good on him I say! Awesome to see Peter and Joanne are trying to raise awareness. As a player with Asperger's (a form of autism) myself it means a lot to see someone out there trying to raise awareness. This made my day Smile
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"And the devil did grin; for his darling sin is pride that apes humility." - Samuel Taylor Coleridge

Just got back into the game. Trying to decide what works for me after a while out!

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I am bipolar, have major depressive disorder, and social anxiety. Take 3 different meds daily. Things go very bad very fast if I miss doses. When I see someone like Peter and Joanne doing this, for what looks like the goodness of it, man it's just heart warming!
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As a parent of an Autistic child this has just made me smile.

Good on ya Wrighty and thankyou Scotty for posting.

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I think it's great that PW uses his status to help others see the light and to share in the research we need to help Autism find answers.
I mean really, that hair catches the attention way before he even toes the oche.
Thanks for starting the post SB
My nephews both have them is so scary smart it isn't even funny - you just have to approach him in a way he's comfortable with and he's off and running. The other is quite young yet. Miss seeing them.
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As an Uncle to a child with Aspergers I give full respect to snakebite for highlighting the issue of autism and to you Scotty for being honest and discussing the issue.
Interestingly my nephew has grown up with social skills as his main problem but thankfully has beaten this through acting and music. He is now in his late teens far more socially adept than I will ever be.
+1 Scotty.
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That's really great of him! I notice a lot of folks have issues talking about certain health-related things around them. I thought it only an Asian thing!
I don't think there is anything 'natural' about throwing darts. A person does not naturally stand sideways, with weight more on one leg, lean forward and swing to launch a projectile repeatedly, day in, day out as part of daily routine. One does not even throw a rock or ball that way.    ~ With darts, everything has to be learnt, and refined.  Wink

What is NATURAL?

A beginner - always experimenting and trying to learn! So I can fool around with loads of set-ups and techniques! Lol! Big Grin
He did it because of a young boy from Ireland called Ollie. Ollie is a huge darts fan who is autistic and is followed by several of the players and officials on twitter - he is only 7 or 8 and his mum actually writes the tweets for him (it is his words though).

It was World Autism Awareness Day on 2nd April and Ollie wanted there to be a Darts Autism Awareness Day on PL night. I don't know if the PL players or officials had badges or not but Ollie asked if they could wear blue to show support and I think most of the comms team did, and this was Peter and Joanne's way of showing support. I'm not a fan of the way he does all the paint get up, but good on him in this instance.

Well done Peter Smile

Good luck to Ollie too.
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