DartsNutz Cricket Count Up Challenge
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(Soft tippers please put "SOFT TIP" at the BEGINNING of your post!)

Here's the rules. You will be shooting at the cricket numbers starting with all 3 darts at the 20's, then going to 19's, 18's, 17's, 16's 15's and finally the bullseye. You'll have 7 turns and will throw 21 darts total. 

A single counts as 1, treble counts as 3 and double counts as 2. A bullseye counts as 2 points and a 25 counts as 1. Okay got it? 

Some milestones to shoot for....

2 MPR (marks per round) will give you a score of 14. A good starting point but you can do better than that. 

3 MPR starts to get serious. That would give you a score of 21. Good stuff. 

4 MPR will give you 28 points and you've just reeled off a nice practice round. 

5 MPR will give you 35 points. An extremely hard score to get because the bullseyes can hurt you here.

6 MPR is rare territory for even the best players. That would be a score of 42 points. An amazing 7 turns. 

7 MPR would give you 49 points. And I believe that might be out of range for even the likes of Mighty Mike. 

Steel tip Leaderboard

djb 41
JDorks 36
CallingAllSports 35
Mike HermThe 34
Sharky 33
FisherMMAn 33
Pac 32
Assassin 32
7SegmentSpecialist 32
degrubs 30
MontMozart 30
Kev 29
Banz 29
joeriw96 29
G00dband 29
SteveMac 29
Timmy Utah 28
SparkVendetta 28
Easyrider 28
Rodney 27
Dan180 27
Imposter 27

Soft tip Leaderboard

Robi10 45

Sounds like a good challenge. I'm gonna give this a crap. Will post later my results.
just so I get it right lol is it 3 darts at 20 then move on to the next number or is it 1 dart at each 3 times ?
Nice challenge though Smile
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Member previously known as Daveheald

If I'm reading it correctly it's three darts at each number. Then add the points from each of those darts.
had a few goes at this 18, 18, 15, 20, 16, 24, 21
nice and quick warm up Smile will try again later
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Member previously known as Daveheald

Had a few goes. 25 is my limit so far
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Well been doing this for a couple days on and off... 21 is what I got so far..
In his unicorn tips video, Barney claims a personal best of 52! Anyway, doesn't count here unless he posts it himself, I say.
Alright gonna go and give this another shot..improve my score. I know I can...hahaha
17 for me please.
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2016 180's - 162. 
2017 180's-181.
2018 180's- 134 up to end of July.
Best 501 - 12 darts - on 22/12/2016 
11 darter on 18 - 4- 2018.
Highest out-170 (22-6-16).

De guy yawning at de oche ...full of chalk an stuff.....dats Me!

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