"Design Your Own Darts" Contest Winner.....
Hey Nutz!
We will release this at 1pm our time Eastern US time!!!!

Can't wait, can you?.... LOL
Oh you tease Lol
[Image: Screenshot_2016-05-18-13-32-16_1_zpsr8vibhtm.jpg]
Such a tease lol. I hope it's me Big Grin would be an awesome anniversary present! Lol
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lol - that made me smile Big Grin
Larry won, he designed an all aluminium dart because its the dart of his dreams Tongue
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haha we all know Larry LOVES all things ali...especially stems Smile
Larry has been a man ahead of his time. The alum stem will be the hottest stem this year, just wait.
[Image: signaufasta.jpg]
gah you tease

the hype is real darnit Tongue
[Image: SJPX5hS.png]

"And the devil did grin; for his darling sin is pride that apes humility." - Samuel Taylor Coleridge

Just got back into the game. Trying to decide what works for me after a while out!

High checkout: 124 (T20, T14, D11, steeltip)
Best 501 leg: 20 darts
You tease Tongue


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