Winmau Laser Oche
I got one some weeks ago, but unfortunately the laser is barely visible on my carpet...
Nice review. Great pics.
I'm still weighing up the pros and cons of this.
Throwing darts since July 2018.

Winmau Vanquish 25g, short clear Supergrip stems, Ti slotlocks, clear DSX kite flights.
Winmau Navigator 3 23g, Supergrips short clear/blue, Harrows Retina kite grey.
Winmau Testament 26g, Phil Taylor Power shafts Gen4, Harrows Retina kite grey.
Winmau Blade 5
Gorilla ArrowPro Stand with Bulls rotating mount.

Mid to rear gripper.

180s 2018: 6
180s 2019: 14

Thanks for this review

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