PDC Around The Clock Challenge
A while since this challenge has been done.  Some pretty nice scores on that list.  Now we have another.  Updated and well done. Smile
Almost cracked 20, but ended up right on 20. I was sitting on 18 with double bull to go and the first dart missed by 2mm left and the next one hit the DB. I am pretty happy with 20 though, but being the teens would have been awesome. It also took me 3 to hit the stinkin 2. But I ended with 2-S-S-1-2-S-S-1-1-1-2 and a nice run in the beginning of 1-1-1-S-S-1-S-S.

So I will take a 20 please.

This is a fun challenge, very quick and really has you moving around the board trying to be precise and the risk/reward action that I like.

Started playing September 2018

Board - Winmau - Blade 5 Dual Core
Best Scoring Set of Darts - Swiss Point SP03 (Supergrip shafts, Retina flights)
Other Sets - Wolfram Infinity; a whole bunch of Ando's and MVGs; all Rob Cross;  

Best 501 game - 15 (steel tip - 100, 125, 100, 125, (3-16-D16 - I missed 19 with my first dart - dang-it)); 15 (soft tip) 
Number of 180s - 2018 = 5; 2019 = 23
Highest checkout - 125 (T20 - T11 - D16)

15  Cool
Steel Tip... 21
My best score by a mile!
21 .. thanks
 Steel tip

Darts used - Winmau Daryl Gurney 23g. Stems - Target Pro Grip. Flights - Harrows Quantum.
Dartboard(s) used - Winmau Blade 5.
Highest Checkout (2018) - 155
Best leg (2018) - 14
180s (2018) - 10

Highest Checkout (2019) - 130
Best leg (2019) - 17
180s (2019) - 21

OOh have to give this a bash tonight, did round the clock last night twice but didn't included doubles or trebles i.e. all numbers had to be hit Took 150 darts hahaha so I don't think MVG has anything to worry about just yet.

will post score later.

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